1. V

    Weird mic reverb kinda thing

    Hi, I'm very new to OBS. I record Minecraft videos with some of my friends and I was finding a strange reverb on my mic. The gameplay audio is fine, my friends voices on Discord are fine it's just me. A good few minutes into my recordings (maybe about 10-20 minutes?) the audio goes back to...
  2. S

    Mic gain randomly going down

    Hi guys, just noticed on stream than the audio of my mic is randomly going down for no reason. I mean not the cursor but the audio level itself it change from being right at the begining in of the yellow area to being way down in the green area. It seems that it has something to do with the mic...
  3. X

    Mic recording only on left channel

    So i recently got a new microphone, AUDIO-TECHNIKA AT2020, i aslo bought an XLR interface, M-AUDIO M-TRACK DUO, when i try to record anything with OBS/Audacity it only record on left channel no matter what settings i use on the xlr interface itself, when i try to change the panning from 0 to...
  4. L

    Noise Gate Filter Not Working Properly

    I have to use the noise gate filter, so game audio isn't picked up. I refuse to use headphones when streaming. It worked fine for a while, but during streaming it will all of the sudden restrict the audio all way. The mic is next to my mouth. The filters I have on are: Noise Suppression...
  5. L

    Mic Issues only in OBS

    Hello. I am quite new at this so I have no idea what I am doing withing OBS, been following some guide but since each mic and PC is different that becomes a bit tricky. My issues is quite simple, for the past three months I've been recording just fine. There was an issue once where after an...
  6. P

    weird filtering/drop out with audio

    hi im sorry i dont know a lot of terminology so idk exactly how to describe this. im recording in obs with an elgado hd60x and blue yeti mic, and every couple seconds while im talking the audio gets really quiet like there’s a limit filter (?). uninstalled and reinstalled obs, there’s no filter...
  7. D

    No mic sound only in OBS [Win11]

    Summary: Got no sound from mic in OBS. Checked in Audacity, works fine. Checked in Sound Recorder, works fine. Checked permissions for OBS, Windows shows "allow microphone for classic apps" enabled, there is even OBS in the list with "Mic is in use" flag. I see sound level only when I turn off...
  8. L

    HyperX Quadcast not working with OBS?

    I recently just transferred all of my stuff from Streamlabs to OBS for Twitch streaming. I'm using a Hyper X Quadcast as my primary mic and for some reason, OBS detects my mic and it works for the first few minutes after launching and then will suddenly stop and the audio bar will stop moving...
  9. R

    MIC Audio Filters turn off When I click away from OBS

    Hello all, For some reason recently, my OBS audio filters will de-activate when I use another application or game. So the mic will sound nice / crisp with a little bass and compression when I have the OBS window active and Im using it, BUT if I switch over to Premiere Pro to record a tutorial...
  10. B

    Obs mic and capture recording, need help

    OK so to be clear I got a capture card so I could record gameplay, but I can't figure out the problem with one thing, how do I get obs to record only audio and video from my switch but not my computers mic, it's driving me crazy. I have everything on the switches end done and done but the...
  11. I

    OBS mic working when muted and not working when unmuted

    I was streaming the whole day everything fine, then all of a sudden my mic shows no waves (value) on neither of the channels (L and R), but the little boxes infront of them light up. When i realised it I thought that there might be a bug or something and when i muted my mic on OBS the mic picked...
  12. M

    How do I get music through headphones, but not stream?

    I want to listen to Youtube music through my bluetooth headphones while I stream, but I don't want to stream it. I have a separate lavalier clip-on mic. What settings do I use to do this? Thank you.
  13. D

    New audio issue in OBS (DJ controller with sound card)

    hi friends, hoping you can help a DJ with some audio issues! Screenshots and descriptions below Problem: My microphone (connected to DJ controller which is connected to an external sound card) is not registering audio in OBS / my stream. I can hear my voice in my headphones (connected to DJ...
  14. A

    Audio Filters opening when starting OBS

    Hi, When I’m starting OBS program, all my mic filters are opening themselves in new windows and it’s really annoying. And yes, I’ve the lastest version of OBS and the filters on my pc. How can I stop them to doing this? Thanks and best, Adam
  15. M

    Mic audio only on one side

    My microphone audio seem to appear only on one side (right side) even if I have it on Mono, you can also see it as the mixer bar for "Voice" is only one. This only happened after I upgraded the version to 28.0.1 but even when I went back to 28.0.0 its all the same. Is there any way to fix this?
  16. E

    OBS won’t record my mic (any of them)

    I use a blue snowball and the built-in mic on my meta quest and they’ve been working completely fine for a long time. Now all the sudden OBS refuses to record anything from them. It’s getting a signal so it recognizes them, but it won’t record anything. It records my desktop audio just fine. I...
  17. DocDoesGaming

    Mic crackles/cuts out (only) when recording game

    Hi everybody! My OBS records fine as long as I'm not running any game, but the audio from my mic gets chopped up once I'm running one. I haven't found any solution to this yet, anyone got similar issues? I've been using this mic with OBS for a while and have never run into this issue before...
  18. I

    OBS will not record/will delete mic audio when playing a game through Epic Games

    I've repeatedly tested this with Epic Games and other platforms. First with Bioshock Remastered, I recorded 2 1 hour 20 min sessions that resulted in perfect game/desktop audio, but no mic audio. My mixer displays correctly, and I know my mic works because it works on stream and in other...
  19. D

    How to Hear/Pickup Discord audio?

    Good Afternoon, The primary issue I seem to be running into is making sure that those in my discord chat are able to be heard when I'm recording/streaming. If OBS is closed, I can hear discord just like normal with my headset and use my headset mic. it's an arctis pro wireless, if that matters...
  20. E

    Microphone always recording

    Hello, I'm having this issue: I use OBS to record my Zoom meetings. But my microphone is always recording (even if I am at desktop or mic is set to mute in Zoom). Is there a way to record microphone only if I press "mic on" in Zoom? Thank you :)