OBS will not record/will delete mic audio when playing a game through Epic Games


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I've repeatedly tested this with Epic Games and other platforms. First with Bioshock Remastered, I recorded 2 1 hour 20 min sessions that resulted in perfect game/desktop audio, but no mic audio. My mixer displays correctly, and I know my mic works because it works on stream and in other recordings, for example: Dark Souls 2 through Steam.

I tested 9 times through the menu and with longer segments to the same point in the intro. Sometimes the mic would be in the recordings, sometimes not. It seems related to length. Shorter ones in the menu tended to have mic audio whereas longer ones that ended after I exited the bathysphere did not. I tried recording through free display, just recording what was on my desktop instead of the game window itself. That seemed to work with smaller and semi-long tests, but in the end my 1 hour 20 min video had no mic audio.

I then tested with Watch Dogs 2 on Epic Games and played roughly 5 minutes. No mic audio in the video. I know for a fact my mic works and is separated properly because I have a 3.5 hour long video of Dark Souls 2 through Steam that has all audio tracks functioning properly the entire time. No settings have been changed since I recorded that, so all of my audio should still work just fine.

Many of my games are on Epic Games; I can't record them properly this way. The only solution I can think of is a function that would allow us to export audio and video separately, meaning I would have a completely separate audio file that I would need to merge with a video file that might include desktop audio or not. The only forum topic I've found on this is answered by a dev/contributer; their reasoning is that if we want to separate audio tracks into separate files we can just extract them from the final product... but my final product is either failing to record (I suspect this is not the case) or deleting my audio in the export from OBS process (I suspect this IS the case).

Thanks, I really hope there is a solution to this outside of using a different program to record.


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I've rediagnosed the problem. OBS simply does not record mic audio when recording. Works perfectly on stream, but not recording

My tracks are set to this:
Stream - 1
Desktop - 1, 3
Mic - 1, 2
Recording - 2, 3

My mic picks up, but nothing is exported. Can't find other forums that agree with this. The extremely confusing thing is that it works sometimes but not other times. It just straight up mutes my mic after a certain period of time. Is the audio getting too big and being deleted? I just have no clue why it would do this.


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The seeming solution was to disable and reenable the mic in settings. It deleted all of my filters and I can't get them back. Way to go OBS, you actually suck. There's no undo button for this either, it just saved it without question. Seriously. Why.