export audio

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    OBS won't export audio with video

    I don't know what I did recently, but OBS suddenly refuses to output any audio with exports. All the devices and encoders are properly assigned, nothing is muted, microphone and other input devices work fine with other recording software, drivers are up to date, I can hear the audio with...
  2. I

    OBS will not record/will delete mic audio when playing a game through Epic Games

    I've repeatedly tested this with Epic Games and other platforms. First with Bioshock Remastered, I recorded 2 1 hour 20 min sessions that resulted in perfect game/desktop audio, but no mic audio. My mixer displays correctly, and I know my mic works because it works on stream and in other...
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    No audio on Youtube uploads - can't find the right settings or work around

    Was trying to do a simple audio spectralizer recording to go with my podcast audio. I realize I may have set up my recording wrong and youtube doesn't support the audio code, or something like that... But the audio plays just fine on my computer, so i thought i could just use OBS to re-record...
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    Double Uses for Monitoring

    There are two things I want to do with OBS monitoring. One of them is to export the filtered sound of my microphone to other platforms. The other is feeding in a lot of the sounds from my computer to a virtual audio cable, and then using monitoring to play them back to me like they would be...