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    OBS will not record/will delete mic audio when playing a game through Epic Games

    I've repeatedly tested this with Epic Games and other platforms. First with Bioshock Remastered, I recorded 2 1 hour 20 min sessions that resulted in perfect game/desktop audio, but no mic audio. My mixer displays correctly, and I know my mic works because it works on stream and in other...
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    No audio on Youtube uploads - can't find the right settings or work around

    Was trying to do a simple audio spectralizer recording to go with my podcast audio. I realize I may have set up my recording wrong and youtube doesn't support the audio code, or something like that... But the audio plays just fine on my computer, so i thought i could just use OBS to re-record...
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    Double Uses for Monitoring

    There are two things I want to do with OBS monitoring. One of them is to export the filtered sound of my microphone to other platforms. The other is feeding in a lot of the sounds from my computer to a virtual audio cable, and then using monitoring to play them back to me like they would be...