audio bug

  1. C

    'Monitor Audio' Function not Working

    The 'monitor' part of 'monitor and output' in OBS is doing absolutely nothing for any of my audio-producing sources. I've been trouble shooting to no avail. Uninstalling things, reinstalling things. Rebooting. I have updated my copy of OBS to the latest version, updated my audio drivers, updated...
  2. I


    I really really need some helpful information so that I can solve this audio issue. I'm using a spank brand new MV7 Shure Podcast USB mic and im plugging the USB directly into my USB port on my HP OMEN gaming laptop. While I'm LIVESTREAMING everything seems good but the audio goes flat (sounds...
  3. J

    4 mic podcasts - feel like I'm doing something wrong

    Hey everyone, so here’s the situation. We rent out our Podcast Studio, and to be honest, we’ve kind of had issues with audio the entire six months that we’ve had it rented. It seems like every podcast we would randomly have a mic decide to not work or mic three (out of 4) would randomly not...
  4. E

    Problemas con el audio/audio problems

    Hola a todos. Hace tiempo tengo un problema y no encontré solución en YouTube y en ningún lado. Cuando separo el audio por aplicaciones(el juego,la música,el Discord)aproximadamente a la hora de stream el audio me hace un ruido feo y trabado por unos segundos o algunos minutos y luego vuelve a...
  5. C

    OBS Audio suddenly lost while recording/streaming with Nintendo Switch

    So I record my Nintendo Switch through an elgato hd60 s+. I record my desktop audio (for discord) my own microphone, and my switch audio and video. I've had this issue pop up randomly, and rather frequently: I'll be recording my Nintendo Switch gameplay and without warning OBS suddenly loses my...
  6. J

    audio track seems laggy yet isn't

    hello! im running into issues streaming/recording minecraft and overwatch (other games are fine). when i try to record or stream those games, the audio tracks for my mic and the game visually seem all laggy in the software and move as if the audio itself is buggy, my avatar (i use discord...
  7. R

    Broken OBS/Windows Mixer

    I have an Problem with the Desktop-Audio Mixer I upgraded my system and freshly installed obs on my new PC. After I set up everything, I noticed when I turn the volume of OBS Studio/obs64 in the Windows Audio Mixer down to like 50%, my Desktop-Audio output inside OBS drops also to 50%. On my...
  8. A

    new update multi audio track output clipping

    First, I believe obs isn't the most user-friendly software. I could never setup advanced output recordings giving it my best try so what I have been doing for the past year is open 2 separate obs windows and have one just record my microphone and the other for my gameplays. recently I noticed...
  9. C

    OBS wants to make my ears bleed

    Anytime a sound is produced by my PC while i have OBS open It makes a VERY NASTY screech. I can mute OBS from the sound mixer, but that means I nor my viewers can't hear my alerts and other stuff that goes trough the program. I've got to warn again about the volume and awful sensation before...
  10. IssacI69

    "Recording remuxed, but the file may be incomplete" PCM 32 Bit Float audio codec

    I've been testing out new settings for recording in OBS, and I want to use the "FFmpeg PCM (32-bit float)" audio codec in the recording, but I'm having this weird thing where when I remux the .mkv file to .mp4 in obs, I get a popup that says "Recording remuxed, but the file may be incomplete"...
  11. Quadragintillion

    OBS recording microphone, but it does not exist in the scene

    I have a scene with absolutely NO AUDIO, and yet my OBS is recording my voice and saving it in the recording. I even muted it in all the other scenes, but it still records it.
  12. T

    Every time I record a video, the desktop audio gives off this metallic kind of sound. I have no Idea what's up...

    Here's my Log file: And here's an example: Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  13. MurdoMaclachlan

    Game audio stutters/crackles only when streaming

    I've been having a problem with some games where my game audio will stutter/crackle only when I'm streaming. This affects some games but not all, and no game audio crackle is observed when I'm not streaming. I can hear the crackle straight from the game when I'm streaming, so it doesn't seem to...
  14. M

    Issue with vlc video source: muting sound at the end of each video

    I recognized a playback issue with sound in video files played back with VLC video source. When playing back a video, the last 1-2 seconds, are muted. This is the case with every video played. Most of the files are mp4 with H.264 and aac audio. The playlist is a local directory with shuffle...
  15. C

    [PLEASE READ] - Software Defect - Audio Issue - OBS Studio 29.1.1 (64 bit)

    Hello OBS DEV Team, if this is not the proper channel then please direct me to the correct one. OBS currently has a software bug in version 29.1.1. This issue happens when OBS Studio is left on for an extended period of time. The issue is that the audio will begin to lag. A workaround is to...
  16. P

    Choppy slowed audio, on laptop using srt and obs cloud hosting

    Hi, my problem is very specific and I've wasted hours trying to fix it. Nothing helps. I'm an irl/pc variety streamer. I often go from irl streams to pc streams seamlesly without ending the stream. Im using Bela cloud for the SRT services and IRLkit for obs cloud hosting (phone/laptop -> Irlkit...
  17. J

    OBS Audio Tracks issue

    Hi folks! I'm trying to record audio sources on separate tracks so I can edit each source in post instead of them all being in one audio file. However, for some reason OBS will only record the first audio track and none of the ones to follow it. For example, if I have Mic tied to Track 1 and...
  18. H

    Obs just wont take mic audio

    i dont have an external mic, i use micraphone array and it works fine for skype and discord, my audio quality is fine and everything works as normal, but when it comes to obs there is nothing, i did my best to give permission to obs to use mic but for some reason it wont appear in the list to...
  19. X

    i can hear my headset audio throuth my mic

    when i'm for example in a vc on discord/watching some yt vid i can see that my mic is peeking my headset audio (i have headphones) idk why, i tried installing fresh audio drivers didn't help. When i'm listening to music it's only occational clicks but when someone is talking it's terrible
  20. H

    OBS Sometimes Requires Audio Toggle To Record Sound

    I'm running OBS 29.0.2 (via Flatpak on Xubuntu 22.04 with wireplumber 0.4.13 and pipewire 0.3.66), and I find that even when the Desktop Audio and Mic/Aux are set to the correct devices, I sometimes have to "toggle" them (switch them to another audio device, then switch them back) before they...