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  1. O

    Question / Help how to make it so your conference in zoom can hear obs sounds

    I'm doing a show with OBS and i'm trying to make it so people in the conference can hear the videos that play in obs and also put the zoom audio in obs so when we stream it goes smooth and the audience can hear everything that is going on.
  2. O

    Question / Help Fade transition from scene with audio source scratches

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to transition from a scene with a multimedia source (audio mp3, no filters) to a scene with NDI surce and nothing else. I use as transition a fade of 2000ms. When the audio from the first scene starts to fade out, it scratches a lot. I checked my CPU usage and it's...
  3. T

    Question / Help No Audio While Streaming

    I have all audio capture sources setup correctly and exactly as I do in Streamlabs. I can see all sources correctly activate and work in the mixer but when I stream, There is no audio to be heard on stream. I will include pictures as well as a log file to show my settings. I use Voice meter to...
  4. K

    Question / Help Audio issues

    So I intend to stream both console and PC. However when I use my external elgato capture card the game audio is clearly being picked up but I’m not hearing anything through my headphones. It recognizes my voice but the game audio itself won’t play back. I’ve been at this for weeks and can’t...
  5. D

    Bug Report Occasional garbled audio with REAPER into OBS

    Hello! I used OBS to live-stream a concert to Facebook. During testing, I skyped a friend in to jam with me using REAPER's NINJAM software and I attempted to share the video of my bassist's stream in OBS, but the recording revealed that the audio was completely garbled. The audio in Reaper was...
  6. A

    Bug Report Audio Sources won't mix after update

    Hello, I updated OBS to the lates version yesterday. And even by using the exact same scenes from Streamlabs, my audio sources wont mix on the designated tracks. Here is a small video to showcase this issue: All devices show on the meters and can be monitored if I...
  7. U

    Question / Help Desktop Audio stopps after opening OBS

    Hello everyone I recently installed OBS to record something. When I open OBS my entire desktop audio (Spotify, Youtube, Netflix, Games etc.) stops playing resp. gets muted. It's weird because in the Audio Mixer it shows that Desktop Audio is playing.
  8. D

    Question / Help Audio länger als Video

    Hey all, nach meinem letzten Problem was mit Aufnahme Remuxen gelöst werden konnte habe ich ein neues. Die Aufnahme im MKV Format ist wenn ich sie anschaue (aktuelles Video 2 Stunden) Synchron. Nach dem Remuxen ist die Audio Spur 4 Sekunden länger.... wo kommen diese 4 Sekunden auf einmal her...
  9. S

    Question / Help OBS Desktop Audio Non-Functional

    I've got a rather bizarre problem with OBS Studio 64-bit Windows, where it is failing to detect any sort of audio coming from my headset. I've checked the properties for the audio channel, as well as the advanced audio properties. I'm currently running version 25.0.1. Pay special attention to...
  10. N

    Question / Help Chose the right microphone source, but don't see it in OBS Mixer

    Hi, I want to record my audio with the Universal Audio Apollo twin Interface but I have one problem. When I go to settings - Audio - Devices - Mic/Auxiliary Audio and choose the right interface, OBS can't find the audio signal so i have no signal in the mixer. The problem is, this audio...
  11. W

    Question / Help Audio List Box Not Showing up My audio list box isn't showing up no matter how many times I reset the menu, reset the list boxes, open and close OBS etc. HELP Thank you!
  12. T

    Question / Help What is happening rn

    One has been working perfectly fine, until today. I opened it up and my camera is a gray square that shows a line through a camera. The audio no longer works AT ALL. I literally cant do anything anymore. I'm new so idk how to post anything or idk what I need to show. But I have NO CLUE what's...
  13. D

    Question / Help No Audio on OSX with third party soundcard.

    Hey I am trying to set up live streaming for a DJ mix session. I have a UAD Apollo Twin sound card connected via firewire and my speaker are connected to this. I select it as a in the preferences in Audio> Devices > Mic/Aux Audio. As it does not show up un Desktop Audio even though this is my...
  14. H

    Bug Report no sound when oppening OBS

    Hello, I have a huge problem... not that huge but it's annoying. Every time I open OBS, my computer mute himself. The sound come back only when I close OBS. I tryed to open a window after, berfore oppening OBS, looking in the options of OBS and windows, etc., nothing work. can someone here...
  15. K

    Question / Help Weird audio sound in audio at random times

    Hi, I am experiencing a weird "piping" sound at random times when I would like to record audio. This is a link to a sample avi file, this sound appears around at 31 seconds of the video: Anyone experienced similar...
  16. T

    Question / Help OBS went out of sound&picture synce during live broadcast

    I was filming a facebook live broadcast of a conference last week. All tests before the broadcast were fine, including an on camera speech test, recorded by OBS to the computer. At the live broadcast, which I also recorded by the OBS to a computer file - everything seemed to be fine, but when I...
  17. K

    Question / Help OBS makes computer quiet without lowering mixer volumes

    When OBS runs on my computer, all system sounds become much quieter. Other sounds (e.g. apps, games) stay the same. I have found forum threads where this was due to OBS lowering system / mixer volumes - however, in my case, the mixer value for system sounds stays the same, but they actually...
  18. G

    Bug Report After waking no sound from audio monitoring source

    This was extremely embarrassing as we went live on Facebook to read Scripture from the Bible assuming all was well after testing multiple times before the broadcast. Went through testing process live on Facebook and recording. All audio output and monitoring sources worked properly. I left the...
  19. O

    Bug Report Suddenly No audio when recording

    Attached some screenshots to help. Yeah I could record just the other day with audio and now suddenly it stopped working. I did nothing in the settings to cause it, just happened out of the blue. Other friends are having the same issue.
  20. BambooShadow

    Bug Report OBS Studio 24.0.3 Audio flickering The Setup is: - Elgato Cam Link 4K (only Video signal from an OSSC) - Line-In Audio (via OSSC audio passthrough) - USB-Microphone (auna MIC-900B) The Audio flicker affects all Audio Input Sources, not only the sound of the gamefeed (though in the...