audio bug

  1. S

    Crackling/Popping sound every hours ( since I installed Wave Link )

    Hello, I have had a sound problem since December 2023: When I stream, my audio crackles every hour on my stream, then stops after a few minutes. I don't hear it personally but you can hear it on my stream I was capturing audio with win-capture-audio, which is a plugin to capture each source...
  2. M

    Audio Crackle Randomly

    Multiple times (usually 2 or 3) during a 5 hour stream one source of my split audio will start crackling for ~30 seconds and then return to normal, I use Application Audio Capture to split my game, discord and microphone audio into different tracks (as well as music only on stream but not on...
  3. C

    OBS Not Picking Up Audio With Certain Computer

    Hi, I have two computers both freshly installed with OBS. When I plug in my Elgato HD60X, one computer picks up audio will the other does not. Does anyone have a fix for this issue? Thank you.
  4. R

    OBS and Wave link software compatibility issues

    I have been having a rather unique issue with wave link software and OBS software. I had everything set up, all audio inputs in the wave link software connected to a different app. Music, browser, game and voice all were connected and working fine in OBS. I did a stream and all audio was...
  5. I

    annoying audio “click” on scene cut

    I have a quiet simple streaming setup with three cameras and live audio from and USB sound-device. During streaming I switch between the three scenes (each scene with a different camera feed). The three scenes have the same audio feed. Fade-transitions (like 1000ms or longer) between the scenes...
  6. O

    Audio Crackling/Choppy Suddenly

    I was changeng settings in OBS, and then suddenly the mic adio is crackly/choppy. How can I troubleshoot this furthur? I have done everything I could think of.
  7. Vikim

    Desktop audio & Application audio capture suddenly stopped working

    Hello, I've been having audio issues with obs recently. I have no idea what's causing it, but both desktop audio and application audio output have absolutely no sound. Mic audio seems to work fine though. No matter what fixes I attempt (enabling/disabling windows sonic, making sure device...
  8. NGKaktusz

    Audio Not Working Spider-Man Remastered

    Hello all, I ran into a curious problem while trying to stream Spider-Man Remastered from my pc. My audio from my mic was being picked up, the music on starting screen was picking up and swinging and fighting audio was being transmitted but very quietly, but none of the dialogue got picked up...
  9. J

    Spotify static noise while using application audio capture(New PC, Fresh Install W11, OBS 29.1.3x64)

    Hello, I have been having audio issues for almost a year now. Any source captured by application audio output capture(game audio, Discord, Spotify, Chrome, etc) randomly goes static with no pattern that shows in between each occasion. However, I never hear any program going static on my side...
  10. OceanStylzz

    Recording only record desktop OR mic audio when split tracks

    Hi! I'm recording my gaming footage & separate desktop audio & mic/aux into different tracks (one with track 1 & another with track 2, with both being in "Monitor Only" mode) I recorded the source using Game Capture, and in ".mkv" format, with auto remux to ".mp4". The problem is that whenever I...
  11. N

    Weird Audio Problem in Live stream

    I live stream once in a week on my YouTube channel I am doing this for past 3 years or so But from last 3 months I am encountering an issue with the audio in my Livestream "Audio Slowly Dies (fades out) at any point in live stream and after that there will be no audio untill I notice it (which...
  12. I

    Unable to hear sound alerts and media sources suddenly

    About a week ago I stopped hearing my Alerts for new followers, subs, etc. and all of my media sources, though they were still getting picked up in stream and my chat can hear it fine. I went into advanced audio properties and turned everything to monitor off, then back to monitor and output and...
  13. C

    'Monitor Audio' Function not Working

    The 'monitor' part of 'monitor and output' in OBS is doing absolutely nothing for any of my audio-producing sources. I've been trouble shooting to no avail. Uninstalling things, reinstalling things. Rebooting. I have updated my copy of OBS to the latest version, updated my audio drivers, updated...
  14. I


    I really really need some helpful information so that I can solve this audio issue. I'm using a spank brand new MV7 Shure Podcast USB mic and im plugging the USB directly into my USB port on my HP OMEN gaming laptop. While I'm LIVESTREAMING everything seems good but the audio goes flat (sounds...
  15. J

    4 mic podcasts - feel like I'm doing something wrong

    Hey everyone, so here’s the situation. We rent out our Podcast Studio, and to be honest, we’ve kind of had issues with audio the entire six months that we’ve had it rented. It seems like every podcast we would randomly have a mic decide to not work or mic three (out of 4) would randomly not...
  16. E

    Problemas con el audio/audio problems

    Hola a todos. Hace tiempo tengo un problema y no encontré solución en YouTube y en ningún lado. Cuando separo el audio por aplicaciones(el juego,la música,el Discord)aproximadamente a la hora de stream el audio me hace un ruido feo y trabado por unos segundos o algunos minutos y luego vuelve a...
  17. C

    OBS Audio suddenly lost while recording/streaming with Nintendo Switch

    So I record my Nintendo Switch through an elgato hd60 s+. I record my desktop audio (for discord) my own microphone, and my switch audio and video. I've had this issue pop up randomly, and rather frequently: I'll be recording my Nintendo Switch gameplay and without warning OBS suddenly loses my...
  18. J

    audio track seems laggy yet isn't

    hello! im running into issues streaming/recording minecraft and overwatch (other games are fine). when i try to record or stream those games, the audio tracks for my mic and the game visually seem all laggy in the software and move as if the audio itself is buggy, my avatar (i use discord...
  19. R

    Broken OBS/Windows Mixer

    I have an Problem with the Desktop-Audio Mixer I upgraded my system and freshly installed obs on my new PC. After I set up everything, I noticed when I turn the volume of OBS Studio/obs64 in the Windows Audio Mixer down to like 50%, my Desktop-Audio output inside OBS drops also to 50%. On my...
  20. A

    new update multi audio track output clipping

    First, I believe obs isn't the most user-friendly software. I could never setup advanced output recordings giving it my best try so what I have been doing for the past year is open 2 separate obs windows and have one just record my microphone and the other for my gameplays. recently I noticed...