Spotify static noise while using application audio capture(New PC, Fresh Install W11, OBS 29.1.3x64)


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I have been having audio issues for almost a year now. Any source captured by application audio output capture(game audio, Discord, Spotify, Chrome, etc) randomly goes static with no pattern that shows in between each occasion. However, I never hear any program going static on my side, as it is only bugged for the output. Therefore, the only chance I get to hear my own static noises is when I monitor my own audio through OBS' adv sound settings or reviewing my VODs myself. Please note that this has been happening long-term, and despite purchasing a brand new PC, the spontaneous static problem remained with my streams further on.

The only things that came across from my old PC were:
1: Peripherals(USB mic, webcam, wireless mouse, keyboard, wireless headphones)
2: Both monitors I was using
3: Ethernet cable and network provider

Although there was no way to confirm it, the problems from my previous PC seem to be happening identically on my new PC, thus I assume the problems are somehow carrying on.

For reference, here are my new PC's < PC SPECS >
Fresh windows 11 install Cycled reboot => windows update => reboot until no updates left
Updated NVIDIA drivers(545.92), otherwise clean install with only the necessary programs for streaming, even doing without any audio mixer for now to narrow down the issue.

Out of a 3 hour stream recording, this was a snippet taken at 1h54m into the stream. Spotify had been playing just fine all along, and the static occurred randomly. < Example of static [Unlisted Video] > The only solution I currently have is very temporary, as I close Spotify and launch it again for it to work just fine. (Chat reports to me in real time)

In the log files, the stream starts at 19:53:40.427

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