application audio output capture

  1. J

    Spotify static noise while using application audio capture(New PC, Fresh Install W11, OBS 29.1.3x64)

    Hello, I have been having audio issues for almost a year now. Any source captured by application audio output capture(game audio, Discord, Spotify, Chrome, etc) randomly goes static with no pattern that shows in between each occasion. However, I never hear any program going static on my side...
  2. BlueisDue

    Application Audio Capture: Capture active window only

    Is it possible to define the Application Audio Capture (BETA) source as the currently selected window? For context, I am using this as an effective way to isolate game audio from my microphone / discord, and then rebalancing audio levels in post prod. This set up works excellently, however the...
  3. TelekinesticMan

    Application-specific audio crackles randomly over time

    I've been using various different audio tracks for OBS when recording gameplay footage. One for my mic, another for the game sound, and another for Discord voice calls. There's also a master track that combines all three into one for easier playback when scrubbing through all my different...
  4. R

    application Audio Output Capture: static/corrupt sound

    Recently we got an update for the app audio output capture which is fantastic- but for some reason my audio for games or browser music [youtube] will sound awful. As if the music is semi-corrupt or scratchy. Sometimes it fixes itself when I completely remove the source and add a new source...