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I've been using various different audio tracks for OBS when recording gameplay footage. One for my mic, another for the game sound, and another for Discord voice calls. There's also a master track that combines all three into one for easier playback when scrubbing through all my different videos.

Unfortunately, sometimes my game audio gets heavily crackly and distorted - this is heard across the master (combined) track, and the solo game audio track. It never happens for my microphone or Discord audio, only ever the game. It's even happened to me while recording footage from my Nintendo Switch via Elgato HD60X capture card, with only one audio track enabled for nothing but the game sound.

Originally I was using a plugin for "Application Audio Output Capture", but after the crackling happened to me during a livestream, I switched over to the new official "Application Audio Capture BETA" already installed with OBS. It seemed to fix it at first, but now it's almost like a ticking time bomb, where sometime later in a recording, the crackling can occur again.

For example, I was playing Sea of Thieves with the Replay Buffer active and made two recording highlights. The first one was incredibly crackly, getting worse as it went along. The second one, from later in the same session, sounded just fine, for some reason. I was recording some Switch footage through the Elgato HD60X, with only the game sound included, and it started getting crackly during a long recording as well.

I am curious if this is related to some strange hardware issue, and I am building a new machine some time in the next week or so once the parts arrive, but this issue continues to perplex me in the meantime. It's also happened on Discord screen share, where after an hour or so of streaming a game to my friends, I have to manually restart the stream due to a loud crackling noise present in the game audio.

I've tried reinstalling Realtek audio drivers, updating OBS, verifying OBS, etc. but nothing has helped. Maybe my motherboard is dying, who knows. But it's a very inconsistent issue.

I've made a video showing some examples here -

I have also attached some screenshots of my simple setup. Remember, it can still happen even when I'm only using the HD60X capture card's audio on a single track, and nothing else. I have also upgraded to an RTX 4090 recently, and am using the AV1 encoder with MKV recordings, but this crackling was happening to me long before I changed GPUs.


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Unfortunately no, however as I am now on a new PC it's been fine. It may have been a hardware issue and could be the same for you, so I hope you can find a fix!

I did actually run into a new issue recently on my new machine where my OBS internal framerate was dropping for no reason, even when it wasn't recording. I just had to make a new Profile from scratch to fix it.