audio bug

  1. C

    Viewers can hear audio output capture, but I can't

    I recently got the tts bot for Bikubot working on stream, however the next day, everyone else could hear the tts, but I can't. I've tried all monitoring options, reinstalling the bot, but nothing. Anybody know how I can fix this?
  2. K

    OBS losing audio source when switch between scenes

    Hi, I'm using OBS (29.0.2 - last version) and have scenes that share the same audio source (the same aplication, e.g. Spotify and Discord), but to make OBS capture the audio source I have to restart the aplication/OBS a couple of times and when I change the scene OBS rarely keep tracking the...
  3. F

    My Sub alert sounds buggy

    Hi everyone, my sub alert has begun sounding buggy. Does anyone know what could be causing this and how I could fix it? I'm streaming to both YouTube and Twitch at the same time. Also, I have Spotify, Discord, and Opera Browser running during my streams. I'm using StreamLabs alert box for my...
  4. S

    Audio crackles and stutters for viewers when capturing certain program audio sources

    Every once in a while, my audio starts crackling and stuttering for my viewers, which can last from seconds to a few minutes. The problem is that I can't hear it at all, my viewers need to inform me when it starts. At first I thought it was my old 1st gen. Focusrite Scarlett. I got a new audio...
  5. D

    Problem regarding Audio Lines Steelseries GG

    Hello, I am currently having a problem regarding my audio lines that were recorded using OBS and Steelseries GG. When I remux them and put them in my video editing software (premiere) it shows me 3 Audio Lines, which should be 4. The first is my Microphone (Steelseries Microphone), the...
  6. BNNT

    Choppy and pitched up Audio, when changing Desktops while using a Browsersource

    I've an Audio Problem, when using a Browsersource. I want to record websites with sound. Therefore, I use the Option "control audio with OBS" on the Browsersource, because only one source can do all I want to achieve. The Website does stuff without me having to pay attention to it. Therefore...
  7. N

    Obs Studio Streamkey

    Hi all, so I have downloaded obs studio (very cool by the way) and it streams with no issues, but here is my 2 issues ..... Everything works well on obs except for the streamkey in settings and I have an Audio eco and I have no clue as to where it's originating from ! So every time I "End...
  8. siilk

    Audio changes when I go to another app during streaming

    Hello, I seem to be having a problem lately with the audio from my mic, it changes in a very weird way when I'm streaming. The sound of my mic will change for a few seconds, while the action is happening I guess, and then return to normal. It sounds like my voice is in a “bubble” for a few...
  9. A

    Problem with audio in recording

    Hi, We recently recorded a live broadcast and ended up with this as the audio file for the recording. Is there anything we can do? Why did it end up like this? The first day we recorded the sound was ok but the second day we got this echo/reverb distorted sound. Please help, would really be...
  10. A

    No desktop audio

    I have been able to make it so that I can select 1 monitor to pick up the audio so that I can listen to music but OBS will not record it (only will pick up what is coming from that 1 monitor). However, I have moved my PC since then and now it will not record desktop audio. I have not changed any...
  11. S

    Nintendo Switch Audio Broken

    I just updated my OBS to the most recent version, which of this post is 29.00, and since then, it has completely ruined my audio for my Nintendo Switch. When I go to select an audio for my Audio Output, it only gives me the option for my Mic and not where the Switched is plugged in from both the...
  12. TelekinesticMan

    Application-specific audio crackles randomly over time

    I've been using various different audio tracks for OBS when recording gameplay footage. One for my mic, another for the game sound, and another for Discord voice calls. There's also a master track that combines all three into one for easier playback when scrubbing through all my different...
  13. CodePixel

    Control audio via OBS - Monitoring not working fix.

    OBS can hear audio but I can't. I can't get OBS to output audio to my monitoring device. Recently ran in to an issue with monitoring browser source audio via OBS, Output works for stream but I can't hear on my end. Make sure your audio devices are set up properly before trying this (bug?) fix...
  14. DraycosDragon

    Audio heard in streams but not in OBS Studio (Windows 10) since recent updates occurred

    I've been streaming (via Twitch) for months with pretty much all the same setup since 2018 on Windows 10 (I say "pretty much" because I changed stream sources from StreamLabs to StreamElements in 2021). I have not changed any settings since mid 2021. And for some reason, ever since the most...
  15. M

    Does anyone know what this means or how to fix it?

    Timestamps are unset in a packet for stream 0. This is deprecated and will stop working in the future. Fix your code to set the timestamps properly
  16. S

    Audio Thread Crashing and Example of audio thread crashing while watching streams

    This has been a problem that has been driving me crazy. I can't tell if its hardware or software related. My OBS will randomly crash while i'm streaming and present a log that mentions an audio thread crashing. Attached my log below as an example:
  17. T

    [OBS 28.0.3] Random audio stuttering when recording

    When I record my videos, my audio will randomly start to stutter for a couple seconds. It has been happening for the last month and I couldn't find any solutions online. I tried turning Audio monitoring on and off, and it still did not fix it. I am not using a microphone and only recording game...
  18. JohannesMidgardr

    Delayed and scrambled Audio in stream and recording, using Discord

    I was trying to record and stream a podcast eps. My audio was delayed and after a while it started making a horrible sound like a scream from the pits of hell. Then went back to just delayed for a min or two, then it kept on making the horrible noise again. It did not record the sound from the...
  19. D

    Audio Tracks Failing to Record but Streaming is Fine

    Hi there OBS folks! For about a month now, my OBS has had some audio errors when it comes to recording. When I record a video, it will only record one audio track without explicit reason and the screen / game capture. I have Tracks 1, 2, 3, and 4 as my recording paths, but it will only record...
  20. S

    Screeching noise in OBS Recording

    I'm running into a problem where there is a screeching noise that starts randomly in the video. I have no idea why it's doing this. I found the solution for this, just change the audio channel from stereo to mono. But here's the thing, I like stereo and I want to use stereo in my videos. I tried...