audio bug

  1. J

    Microphone keeps popping/skipping in OBS 26.1.1 (64 bit)

    This used to happen nearly on every sentence both during recordings and streams. I think I have managed to change the settings enough to minimize it somehow, but it still happens every few minutes (sometimes even more frequently) and keeps ruining the quality of my audio. Here's the latest log...
  2. P

    Desktop sound is bad, either recording or streaming

    When I record, let's say, a video from youtube, it sounds like sound coming out of a radio, it doesn't sound crisp. I want people to hear my games or music the same way I hear them, why is that? Here is my latest log:
  3. S

    Audio from capture card preview

    I recently got a new Elgato HD60s+ and, while it records audio after the recording, it doesn't show during the preview. I looked around and found out a way to do it, (going to capture card properties, then scrolling down to audio output mode and making it waveout) but when I do this, I can hear...
  4. I

    My Mic Keeps Cutting in and out randomly

    Hi guys, I've been browsing this forum for quite a bit and still can't seem to find an answer to my issue. Every time I stream, my audio keeps cutting in and out and my voice doesn't sound as clear or 'rich' as it did with StreamLabs OBS. After rewatching my VODs, I can see that it cuts out...
  5. S

    Audio Output Capture on Windows Partition Needs Resetting Every Time?

    I run OBS on a Windows partition on my Mac. Any time I turn on OBS or switch scenes, the only way I can pick up desktop audio is by making a new audio output capture. And I have to do it every time. It shows that audio is being picked up on the meters, but my stream wont have it. Anyone else who...
  6. E

    Weird audio on certain game

    So whenever I try to record or stream the game Brawlhalla, the audio sounds like it's under water, the weird thing is that it only happens on Brawlhalla, I can do any other game just fine. Any problem solving ideas?
  7. D

    Capture card audio getting cut off midway in streams so does in the recording

    Please help me, when I stream certain games, the capture card audio getting cut off midway in middle of the stream, also sometimes my mic audio too, even though when I streamed that time it detects my mic and all
  8. P

    Audio problem: weird echo sound

    I'm using OBS since 6 months with my Boya BY-M1 without any problem! Suddently, since a few days, my audio got worse: volume goes down and an odd echo appear! I didn't change anything before this problem happens. I made some basic check: - all devices are muted in OBS Mixer Audio, except...
  9. P

    Desktop Audio is stuttering & has reverb please help!

    Hello everyone, I'm new to OBS and wanted to record some gameplays. While setting up OBS i figured out that there is a problem with my desktop audio. I did research on the www and tried nearly ever possible configuration in the settings but it doesn't solve the problem. It would really help me...
  10. SymaG90

    OBS Desktop Audio not playing in Video File

    So this one is a little confusing, and I've just encountered it. Simply put, if I record something with music or sounds in the background, I can't hear them in the video file, until I open it into a video editor like Premiere Pro. Audio Tracks still work for some reason. And yes, OBS does pick...
  11. J4NS0N

    Bad audio when enable video capture devices

    Hi everyone! I have a problem about bad audio when I enable video capture devices. My audio interface is Audent id14, and I use Blackmagicdesign Intensity Pro 4K for Tablet and Elgato Cam Link 4K for GoPro. When DISABLED all video capture devices. all the system audio are nomal, and mic...
  12. T

    OBS picks up audio but doesn't record it

    Hello. I couldn't seem to find this answer anywhere. This problem randomly cropped up after I bumped up the bitrate or recording from the default 2500 to 100000 because of an unrelated issue. Now, despite picking up audio (see screenshot), it doesn't actually record it... it does play when...
  13. O

    Why does OBS not record my audio sometimes???

    So I have this really just disheartening problem where sometimes my audio will just not be recorded by OBS. When I look at the mic input, I can see movement, meaning it's picking up my voice, but when the video is finished, and when I go to watch it, there is only game sound. And then I'll go to...
  14. J

    No audio from source. Restart required This is a new problem for me from last two week. We have multiple profiles for recording and streaming. When using camera in streaming settings there's no audio bit on recording profile and scene audio is...
  15. U

    Struggling with huge sound issue

    Hi ! Everytime a constant sound is being played (like music for example) i get a regular tick (really high and almost painful) every like 5-10seconds especially with some more bassy/rythmic music. This happens only on stream and recordings i don't get that on my headphones. I use voicemeeter to...
  16. T

    Microphone Audio cutting out (Request for help)

    Setup: Running Stream Elements OBS.Live Avermedia video capture device Samson G-Track Pro desktop mic Arctis Pro Headset I'm having issues with the Samson G-Track Pro mic input dropping after a varied amount of time with OBS.Live running. I can have this mic live, and active for days on end...
  17. B

    Audio Cutting Completely During Stream

    I'm attaching several logs of this, as it's starting to happen faster and faster, to the point where we got maybe 10 seconds into our recent stream and everything cuts. I'm using a C920 webcam to record our faces; Elgato HD60S recording PS4 gameplay footage; Scarlet 2i2 with two XLR mics...
  18. M

    White noise even when headset is unplugged entirely

    I'm trying to start streaming on twitch and maybe using obs for youtube as well but I have a dreadful white noise in my stream and I can't seem to fix it. I tried all I could think of, but even when i unplug the headphone/mic from my computer it still has the white noise! I don't know how to fix...
  19. O

    Question / Help how to make it so your conference in zoom can hear obs sounds

    I'm doing a show with OBS and i'm trying to make it so people in the conference can hear the videos that play in obs and also put the zoom audio in obs so when we stream it goes smooth and the audience can hear everything that is going on.
  20. O

    Question / Help Fade transition from scene with audio source scratches

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to transition from a scene with a multimedia source (audio mp3, no filters) to a scene with NDI surce and nothing else. I use as transition a fade of 2000ms. When the audio from the first scene starts to fade out, it scratches a lot. I checked my CPU usage and it's...