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I have been able to make it so that I can select 1 monitor to pick up the audio so that I can listen to music but OBS will not record it (only will pick up what is coming from that 1 monitor). However, I have moved my PC since then and now it will not record desktop audio. I have not changed any settings since I moved my PC so I do not understand why it's not working anymore. If I switch the audio to my headset (see log), it picks up all of the audio, including my music playing on my 2nd monitor and Xbox Game Bar, which peaks the audio very easily. I have tried many things to fix it, including making sure my audio drivers were up to date, and turning on and off Spatial (7.1) audio for both my headset and the monitor. I do not have any programs that would conflict with anything, except perhaps Xbox Game Bar running, but I had it running whenever things were working correctly. I have done some extensive googling and have not found any fixes.
I would ask if there's any way to pick up audio from just my monitor, but I know it's possible because I've done it before and now it won't work. Maybe I'm just crazy.



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When you moved the computer, did you plug everything in *exactly* where it was before? Modern devices are supposed to be smarter than that, but they're not always, and modern auto-config with a different plug-order might have wiped out whatever you did to make it work the first time.

Also, what does "monitor" mean in this context? A (normally silent) video display? A bookshelf speaker? A destination for audio in OBS? A lot of things in live media can be called a "monitor", and so that term is almost meaningless without a specific context. Unfortunately, live video broadcast covers EVERY possible context, so it still isn't helpful.