desktop audio

  1. O4OUR

    Sound crackles when I launch OBS

    I've had this for a while now. I sit down and start playing a game. Sounds normal. I launch OBS and the sound crackles. As if it's not able to take on that many sounds or something. When I open a program, it makes the audio crackle again as if it's taxing the system more so. My second issue...
  2. H

    Unresolved Desktop audio issue, low/zero speaker volume not functional

    Hello I have few laptops (HP and Acer) and I use OBS Studio with no problem. We have recently purchased HP Envy 15 inch. Unlike other installations, this installation requires the master computer audio/speaker volume to be high for high volume record. No matter what I tried, I could not solve...
  3. D

    Bad sound while recording display capture, nothing at all helps!

    Hi, It would really mean a lot if someone could help me figure this out... I'm having sound problems while recording display capture. In this case, it's videos from a streaming website. Everything is fine with the video, but the sound is completely changed and sounds nothing at all like the...
  4. Y

    About obs audio mixer desktop audio

    In obsstudio's Audio Mixer > Desktop Audio, the "mute button" is automatically turned on during the game. I'm assuming that the keyboard settings have some effect, but is there a settings screen?
  5. R

    Deep Voice and HORRIBLE Desktop Audio

    I have been using Blackhole 16h to stream on my Macbook M1 for a year now and it has always worked extremely well. Suddenly the desktop audio did not work well at all and my voice would sound extremely deep without a voice changer. The background music I was trying to play in the background of...
  6. zhenyus

    OBS 29 can only record desktop audio via screen capture

    Hi, I'm a macOS 13(Ventura) user, from this link I know OBS now supports native audio capture. However, I find I can only capture audio by adding a screen capture device instead of what shows in the post (adding Audio Output Capture). I wonder is this work as intended? Or could I have a bug?
  7. K

    desktop audio delay problem different each time, each live

    Hi everyone, I'm new here, I come because I have a systematic offset problem with each new streaming on my Youtube channel, I have to change the "desktop audio" and "sync offset" value (-50 ms here for ex), during the live. (see picture below) picture :
  8. K

    lag problem (desktop audio) with each new streaming, despite settings

    Salut à tous, je suis nouveau ici, je viens car j'ai un problème d'offset systématique à chaque nouveau streaming sur ma chaîne Youtube, je dois changer la valeur "desktop audio" et "sync offset", pendant le live. (voir photo ci-dessous) J'ai streamé (en privé) afin de résoudre le problème de...
  9. L

    Desktop audio delay

    Recently I have come across an issue where on my streams and recordings of OBS, my desktop audio is delayed in comparison to what is happening on screen. I am not entirely sure how to fix this, and for extra context, I did install two plugins for OBS, a blur effect and source clone, but they...
  10. J

    Audio dies whenever the track restarts

    The title is self-explanatory, whenever I restart a track/song in OBS, the desktop audio immediately dies. Below is a gif of what happens when I have tracks set on "restart when the scene opens" Does anyone have an idea of what is going on here?
  11. R

    Desktop Audio wird nicht aufgenommen von OBS, Ursache evtl. bekannt.

    Hallo, ich habe Lautsprecher die vorher im Monitor eingestöpselt waren. Mir ist dann aufgefallen dass, der Sound, lauter oder besser war, wenn ich die Lautsprecher an Mainboard anschließe. Auf jeden Fall habe ich das Gefühl das es daran liegt, dass kein Audio mehr von OBS aufgenommen wird vom...
  12. Y

    Is there a way to exclude certain audio tracks from desktop audio while simultaneously recording them separately?

    This is a bit convoluted so I'm not sure there's a way to do this. But basically, I have my desktop audio and then my chrome audio on separate tracks. The problem with that is that my desktop audio track also picks up my chrome audio, which I don't want it to. I know I can forget about using...
  13. A

    No desktop audio

    I have been able to make it so that I can select 1 monitor to pick up the audio so that I can listen to music but OBS will not record it (only will pick up what is coming from that 1 monitor). However, I have moved my PC since then and now it will not record desktop audio. I have not changed any...
  14. L

    How to make OBS capture full windows volume despite muted?

    Hi guys, I've recently changed laptop and now I am facing some issues. Previously, was using Windows 10, my OBS is able to capture full volume of the game while having my speaker/headphone (windows volume) set as very low or even muted. Right now, I am using Windows 11 and my OBS is capturing...
  15. Y

    Semi-free GroundControl CASTER | Virtual Mixer, Cable-Free Audio routing for Mac 2.0.5

    Here is some highlighted of GroundControl CASTER free version: 1. Free virtual audio device to stream your desktop sound to your favorite streaming app. 2. Free interface to monitor this audio stream in your headphones. 3. Free Soundboard track with funny sounds and an option to load your own...
  16. T

    Desktop Audio not Working since Update

    Updated to 27.2 on my windows 8.1 pc, and now I have no detection/recording of my desktop audio. All my settings are the same as they were before the update, I have searched for an answer and nothing I have found worked. I have uninstalled/reinstalled, checked my pc audio/sound settings...
  17. H

    Unable to hear desktop audio any longer with capture card.

    Hello! I just streamed last on Twitch on 11.30.2021. I had no issues at all when I streamed, and today I went to do the same and cannot hear my game audio through my headset in OBS. I am using the Elgato HD 60 Pro Capture card that is PCIe plugged into my mobo. I've looked at quite a few...
  18. Vaporisers

    As soon as I open obs, all desktop sound sounds muffled.

    Help. As soon as I open obs, the sound of all programs sounds muffled (like putting the headphone under a blanket). BUT, if I replay a recording, the sound is perfect. Now, since the video remains in normal Quality, it is really annoying and I tried everything to fix it. What I tried was...
  19. I

    OBS doesn't record desktop audio

    Previous threads talk about making sure the monitor isn't muted in Pulse audio. Yeah, it's not muted, I checked. IDK what's going on, I'm running Debian Unstable, so maybe it's my fault? IDK. normal input like a microphone works fine.
  20. S

    Desktop Audio Capture became very quiet all of a sudden on Mac

    Hello everyone! Desktop Audio Capture became very quiet all of a sudden last week, like 4 times quieter than it used to be. So when I'm doing my Youtube-streams, viewers can hear me perfectly, but not my guests in a proper way. I have been using Soundflower, and I tried to fix it by myself both...