Unresolved Desktop audio issue, low/zero speaker volume not functional


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I have few laptops (HP and Acer) and I use OBS Studio with no problem.

We have recently purchased HP Envy 15 inch. Unlike other installations, this installation requires the master computer audio/speaker volume to be high for high volume record. No matter what I tried, I could not solve it. I tried emulating all settings side by side. Nothing.

I tried using filter to boost the volume level, but it creates problems with high volume sources.

Interestingly, we had HP Envy 13 inch, now broken, and had no such problem.

In all other PCs, even if the computer speaker audio is zero, it records at maximum volume level, whatever is available. Indicator light tops even in zero speaker volume.

Any idea/help would be highly appreciated.

Thank you


On another note running with no problem, interestingly only Dell All in One has high CPU usage problem. No driver could solve it. It was the case with Lenovo All in One and it was resolved with the first driver update. Well, that is another issue