Sound crackles when I launch OBS


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I've had this for a while now. I sit down and start playing a game. Sounds normal. I launch OBS and the sound crackles. As if it's not able to take on that many sounds or something. When I open a program, it makes the audio crackle again as if it's taxing the system more so.

My second issue, might be related, I'm almost positive it is. For all my streams of last year, I used Application Audio Capture (Beta). This was a great tool. But my friend said there was a ticking the last couple of months or so. I look at the audio levels and occasionally the left channel peaks really high. I can't hear it on my end, but I can see it. The only fix I have right now is to stream from desktop audio as it doesn't peak/click.

I've read many many help pages and most of them say to check the audio format and set it to 48,000 (Hz). and I'm 99% sure I've done that.

Video of peaking and also some mild crackling that I hear on my end.


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My Razer 3.5 to USB cable was the issue. It only made these errors in OBS when using Application Audio Capture (Beta). If I took that USB out and put the 3.5 into the desktop top port, the clicking/peaking sound goes away.