About obs audio mixer desktop audio


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In obsstudio's Audio Mixer > Desktop Audio, the "mute button" is automatically turned on during the game. I'm assuming that the keyboard settings have some effect, but is there a settings screen?
I presume "the game" means some game you are trying to stream with OBS.

OBS keyboard shortcuts are edited on the "Settings" dialog, reachable via the "Settings" button (lower right corner), or on the "File" menu as "Settings"
  • On the "Advanced" tab, scroll to the bottom. Hotkey Focus Behavior controls whether OBS hotkeys are acted on when OBS doesn't have focus (as during game play)
  • Hotkeys are defined on the "Hotkeys" tab. If there are shortcuts using hotkeys that your game uses, you could reassign them or remove them entirely
  • OBS does allow you to define a hotkey for mute and unmute. They are at the end of the hotkey list. I don't think they are defined by default, but perhaps someone defined them on your machine.