1. Y

    About obs audio mixer desktop audio

    In obsstudio's Audio Mixer > Desktop Audio, the "mute button" is automatically turned on during the game. I'm assuming that the keyboard settings have some effect, but is there a settings screen?
  2. M

    My voice on OBS is muffled and has static

    I use a headset mic when I stream and I've had complaints that my voice is muffled and there is a lot of static. I've tried lots of stuff I found online but noting world. If someone knows a solution it would be great. My log: https://obsproject.com/logs/oN5T83R0Yw2GPiiO I have a recording...
  3. J

    Problema con Warzone y Obs

    Buenas, soy nuevo en esto y tengo una duda: Llevo un tiempecito (poco) haciendo Streaming pero me ha surgido una duda con un juego. Cuando pongo Warzone recibe la música del juego por parte de escritorio y demás pero graba todo en obs salvo la comunicación por CHAT con el equipo y las voces de...
  4. T

    Filters (skin, face, voice?) for livestreams and post-production?

    Hello. I am interested in what there is outside of Instagram etc. for possibilities of filters for face etc. and possibly voice (are there realistic voice changers?). Even though looks and clothes are unimportant to me privatley, and I possibly spend much less than 95% of the population on...
  5. G

    Audio robótico durante a transmissão, mas normal em gravação - Robotic audio during streaming, but normal on recording

    De um dia para o outro meu audio durante transmissão fica robótico, não só a minha voz, mas todos os audios do pc. Porém durante uma gravação, fica tudo normal. Overnight my audio during transmission becomes robotic, not only my voice, but all the audios on the pc. But during a recording...
  6. Y

    Audio in recording is ok, but monitor output to apps like discord and zoom are distorted

    So I'm trying to setup my OBS for teaching and gaming on the side. For teaching, My mic goes thru Nvidia RTX for noise suppression which feeds into my OBS. From there I have a bunch of EQ filters to bump up the quality of my voice. I output that audio through the monitor into VB-Cable. I use...
  7. R

    Game Output Audio Filters effect my mic sounds

    Hey Guys, I'm trying to set audio on my obs studios. Have an input capture source setup for my blue yeti microphone and an output capture source for my realtek audio driver to capture game audio from my pc. I have the mic audio set to full and the game audio set to half but when i record and...
  8. A

    I have tried so many mic filters yet I have no way of getting rid of keyboard and mouse sounds...

    All I want to do is return to recording gameplay videos but I have become a bit of a perfectionist and can't stand hearing my keyboard and mouse sounds in my recordings. The sounds are as loud as my normal voice so a noise gate doesn't do much. Any help? Possible solutions? Thanks!
  9. S

    Is there a way to split in game voice chat from the game audio?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to streaming and OBS. I've mainly been playing Valorant and Call of Duty Warzone. Is there a way I can exclude the in game voice/party chat from my stream using OBS while still including the game audio?
  10. C

    Microfoon dubble sound

    Kan iemand mij helpen? ik stream nu een korte tijd. zonder problemen. en nu uit het niets neemt obs op met mijn microfoon/aux setting alles op. het wat alleen mijn geluid van me microfoon moest opnemen. neemt het nu alles op zelf het geluid van me beeld en muziek. en op de stream hoor je alles...
  11. C

    some plugin to distort the voice like a hijacker?

    Hello, I want to do live broadcasts with a hijacker's voice, is there a plugin? THNKS!
  12. T

    Question / Help Audio w/ Display Capture but not Game Capture

    I've been streaming for a little bit and decided to switch from display capture to game capture, and recently been told that there was no chat audio in the stream (not particularly worried as it was a bit of a boring one). I personally like using game capture in case I forget to switch scenes or...
  13. M

    Question / Help VOİCE AND VİDEO

    When I record a video, my voice and video come in the same file, but if there is a different coming setting? I used translation I hope I translated it correctly
  14. S


    Hi, does my microphone settings change only voice recorded in obs, or for example on discord too?
  15. B Saint

    Question / Help Microphone Latency/Delay issue. (SOLVED)

    I was originally using my Play Station Gold headphones/Mic and everything seemed to be working ok just not a great quality microphone, so I switched to my microphone and headphones that are connected to my USB audio interface (Steinberg UR22MKII). That is when I noticed that while monitoring my...
  16. I

    Question / Help Friends in Discord don’t sound very good on Twitch stream

    While streaming on Twitch I am trying to figure out why my friends in discord sound perfectly clear to me through my headset but on my stream their voices do not sound very clear. How can I make them sound crisp and clear on stream like they do in my headset?
  17. F

    Question / Help Mic stops working after streaming for a while

    So the issue is that after streaming for about 30 min - 1 hr my mic just completely stops working, it stops picking up in Discord, OBS, and in the Sounds properties within windows, its as if its muted. This only happens when using OBS, I can play for 5 days straight and not have 1 issue with my...
  18. L

    [Windows 10] Seperate audios and distribute to 3 tracks: to hear, to stream and to record

    Important: this guide only works on Windows 10. No idea if it could work on Windows 8 since I've never used Windows 8 or 8.1. But I'm sure Windows 7 and below can't. Important: make sure you know basically how to configure Windows 10 (especially sound) and OBS. There is a similar guide about...
  19. F

    Question / Help Voice audio not working

    I use obs on a windows 10 computer, and my voice audio just doesn't work. The first live stream i did with obs, the audio was fine. the next time i did it however, the audio just stopped working. I don't know if it's my mic, or computer, or obs, but i want it fixed. I've been waiting to do a...