Audio in recording is ok, but monitor output to apps like discord and zoom are distorted


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So I'm trying to setup my OBS for teaching and gaming on the side.

For teaching, My mic goes thru Nvidia RTX for noise suppression which feeds into my OBS. From there I have a bunch of EQ filters to bump up the quality of my voice. I output that audio through the monitor into VB-Cable. I use the VB-Cable as my mic in other communication programs like discord, zoom, google meet. I do this so that the voice audio would be better.

I just noticed while assigning VB-Cable to the other apps' microphone testing feature that the quality sucks (distortion, cutting off, etc ) compared to the one from a recording made on OBS.

I have voicemeeter potato installed for isolating audio for the gaming side of my obs captures. I tried recording the mic output on that and getting the same problem. So it isnt just a problem with the apps recording features.

Is this a problem with VB-Cable or the quality of OBS's monitor output not that good?