noise suppression

  1. J

    Audio filters (noise gate, suppressor, eq, etc) do not work in OBS 29.1.3

    It seems like this has been a somewhat common issue for a number of years, across multiple versions of OBS. Google search brings up a lot of similar posts on this forum, without any answers. Hopefully someone has found a solution since then. I have a clean installation of OBS 29.1.3. I...
  2. K

    OBS asking to upgrade NVIDIA Video & Audio SDK when I have an AMD Graphics Card

    So I recently swapped out my old GTX 1050 TI for an RX 580, and before I updated my OBS to version 29 noise suppression was working perfectly fine. I was using RNNoise for my noise suppression and even if I pick Speex it still says "Warning: Please upgrade both NVIDIA Video& Audio SDK. Your...
  3. P

    Can someone help me with noise suppression for OBS on Windows?

    Hi, this is the first time that i have made an account for this forum and my first post, so I hope that this is the right place to ask questions. I have been using OBS noise suppression for a while and it worked really well. But a while ago I updated it to version 29.0.0 for Windows and it...
  4. D

    Chroma/Luma noise reduction filter

    As the title says, this kind of plugin on the video filters would be helpful and needed. I do see often that some cheaper/older webcams are prone for introducing a lot of chroma noise that is impossible to get rid of. There is plugins like these for video editors, so I bet that there is...
  5. U

    Noise suppression distorts piano

    We are using OBS for our church streaming services (just started). We have several large fans on the ceiling of the sanctuary that we are using especially to keep air moving because of COVID concerns. The fans a level of noise to the streaming that we tried to remove using the Noise Suppression...
  6. Y

    Audio in recording is ok, but monitor output to apps like discord and zoom are distorted

    So I'm trying to setup my OBS for teaching and gaming on the side. For teaching, My mic goes thru Nvidia RTX for noise suppression which feeds into my OBS. From there I have a bunch of EQ filters to bump up the quality of my voice. I output that audio through the monitor into VB-Cable. I use...
  7. A

    Audio Suppression turning off when I talk

    Hello! This has probably been addressed before but I am setting up my microphone and it's quiet. Recording doesn't have any background noise and it's great. But when I stop the recording I notice the level is moving again and I'll do another silent recording and there's noise. I have to go...
  8. N

    RNNoise cuts my voice when I go too high pitched

    Hey everyone, so I've been using OBS for quite a while and have noticed that when I have the RNNoise suppressor enabled on my mic, it will cut my voice out in a weird glitchy type sound when I go too high pitched. In other words whenever I might scream whilst playing a horror game... I know that...
  9. N

    Non-Free Speachy 1.0

    An all-in-one VST plugin, specifically designed for streamers and content creators in mind. Compression, analogue saturation, noise reduction and gate, de-esser, de-plosive, EQ and dynamic EQ, limiter and even subtle stereo spread. Effectively 10 plugins in 1, with minimal controls and presets...
  10. N

    How to Remove White Noise without Noise Suppression

    If I don't enable REAGate, my microphone starts picking up random sounds from my surroundings. Though, my problem is, if I disable Noise Suppression, there is a strong white noise in the background when I am speaking. When I enable it, though, my voice sounds muffled and a bit robotic. Do you...
  11. janosch.hrm

    Microphone sounds weird when using the "Noise suppression" filter

    Hey there, I've recently been setting up OBS for my video recordings. I've got the Rode Videomic Go plugged into my PC for audio. Without any audio filters, the microphone picks up quite a lot of noise & rustle in the background. While watching some tutorials, people recommended that I use...
  12. gravydanger

    RNNoise noise remover

    Noise suppression plugin based on Jean-Marc Valin's RNNoise (or, more accurately, Gregor Richards's fork rnnoise-nu). Uses a recurrent neural network (fancy machine learning stuff) trained on various sets of community-submitted noise. It's fairly light on CPU usage. Unlike the RNNoise support...
  13. sparrow_2

    hiss sound when talking

    Hi, I have hiss sound when I talk. I have noise gate/suppression filters on, but still have a hiss sound only when I'm talking. What should I do? I''ve attached the file.
  14. L

    Question / Help WebPresenter Audio noise in OBS

    We’ve been using BDM TVS ATEM with Webpresenter and obs(win) for FB live stream. Event though there’s no input to the Webpresenter there’s a disturbing noise in the background. I’ve read a previous post on this site regarding this but didn’t have a promising answer. I’ve tried using noise...
  15. S

    Question / Help No audio filters

    Hi All, I seem to not have any audio filters listed when I right-click on a scene and choose "filters," then "+". I only have video filters. I tried uninstalling, then reinstalling the software--still have the same issue. Anyone know what might be the problem? Log file...