Audio filters (noise gate, suppressor, eq, etc) do not work in OBS 29.1.3


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It seems like this has been a somewhat common issue for a number of years, across multiple versions of OBS. Google search brings up a lot of similar posts on this forum, without any answers. Hopefully someone has found a solution since then.

I have a clean installation of OBS 29.1.3. I uninstalled and wiped all my OBS data and preferences before doing the clean reinstall. I am using a Blue Yeti X if that makes any difference. When I last was making recordings, some months ago, I had no issues with audio filters, I activated them and they worked as intended. Tonight, no matter what I try, even though they are showing up in the filters list, they aren't actually affecting the audio whatsoever. I've tweaked a bunch of settings on my EQ, maxed out the compressor and noise gate, and made a whole bunch of sample recordings with all sorts of different configurations just to try and get some noticeable effect out of them. They all sound identical. They also sound identical to the raw audio recording output of my Yeti.

Is anyone aware of what is causing this issue? I'm not using any other plugins, just regular old OBS and the default filters it comes with. Maybe it's just time to switch over to Adobe?


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A log file is needed, preferably from a test stream or recording (the one you aim too) of at least 30 seconds doing all you normally do.