1. J

    Audio filters (noise gate, suppressor, eq, etc) do not work in OBS 29.1.3

    It seems like this has been a somewhat common issue for a number of years, across multiple versions of OBS. Google search brings up a lot of similar posts on this forum, without any answers. Hopefully someone has found a solution since then. I have a clean installation of OBS 29.1.3. I...
  2. vathanak

    How to prevent APO equalizer EQ from being apply to OBS internal audio recording?

  3. D

    how can I reverse my sound on obs?

    I'm using a software named "EqualizerAPO" to reverse my hearing.It's a problem about my ears (probably).Because of this software my wievers are hearing the left sound from right and left sound from right. Is there a way to change it from obs?
  4. 700hours

    Free Microphone Visual Software 1.1+ retail version for free

    Simple Details Release (1.0b): Digital EQ for live microphone monitoring output Simple audio device router of the output A live image of the sample data A high quality recording option of the processed audio Version (1.1): VST plugin loading for further modifying input audio Noise canceling...
  5. N

    Non-Free Speachy 1.0

    An all-in-one VST plugin, specifically designed for streamers and content creators in mind. Compression, analogue saturation, noise reduction and gate, de-esser, de-plosive, EQ and dynamic EQ, limiter and even subtle stereo spread. Effectively 10 plugins in 1, with minimal controls and presets...
  6. Gohst


    Hello, OBS cames with standard "Plugins" like an Noise Gate/Suppression, Compressor, Limiter Expander etc. (also with SideChain option). It would be great to integrate an also an Standard EQ so the "Vocal" part would be done. 1.Noise Gate/Supp 2.Comp 3.EQ (4. Limiter) I know you can load...
  7. G

    Question / Help Streaming when equalizer on.

    So i use Equalizer APO on my headset when i stream the sounds are equalized to its so bad.How can i stream with normal qualitty when i still use Apo. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/446716621