How to prevent APO equalizer EQ from being apply to OBS internal audio recording?


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I am also looking for some workaround. tried virtual cable but that didn't help either. Could obs pick up raw sound from audio device?


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You have an app that receives live audio (as far as it's concerned), processes it, and sends it out live. That by itself says that you have some non-trivial routing.

For a made-up example, which might be more complex than what you have:
                                +---+       +---+
                        +------>| C |------>| E |-------+       +---+
+---+       +---+       |       +---+       +---+       +------>|   |       +------+
| A |------>| B |-------+                                       | G |------>| Etc. |
+---+       +---+       |       +---+       +---+       +------>|   |       +------+
                        +------>| D |------>| F |-------+       +---+
                                +---+       +---+
F, here, doesn't see what C is doing, and E doesn't see what D is doing. G sees everything, and everything sees A and B.

So what's your routing? Answer that accurately, and you also have the answer to your question.