audio filter

  1. P

    weird filtering/drop out with audio

    hi im sorry i dont know a lot of terminology so idk exactly how to describe this. im recording in obs with an elgado hd60x and blue yeti mic, and every couple seconds while im talking the audio gets really quiet like there’s a limit filter (?). uninstalled and reinstalled obs, there’s no filter...
  2. J

    Audio filters (noise gate, suppressor, eq, etc) do not work in OBS 29.1.3

    It seems like this has been a somewhat common issue for a number of years, across multiple versions of OBS. Google search brings up a lot of similar posts on this forum, without any answers. Hopefully someone has found a solution since then. I have a clean installation of OBS 29.1.3. I...
  3. adam_sporka

    Antavore Watermark Generator 0.0.1

    Use as an Audio Filter to imprint an (almost) inaudible watermark to your audio. This watermark will get embedded in the audio output. The content of the watermark can be an arbitrary string comprised of 7-bit ASCII characters. I.e. no Unicode at this point, and yeah, no emojis either :-)...
  4. norihiro

    Mute Filter 0.2.2

    Introduction This is a simple plugin to mute audio of a source. Even though a user muted a source in the mixer of OBS Studio, the source sometimes triggers OBS Studio to add more audio buffers. adding 21 milliseconds of audio buffering, total audio buffering is now 85 milliseconds (source...
  5. Lord Lumineer

    Add audio filters to scenes

    I would like to suggest OBS devs to add feature to include audio filters alongside the already available "video filters" to scenes so that the simple user can: Add a "scene" into other scenes and apply the compression filter\Gain values To have separate audio levels of same audio source on...
  6. theredchord411

    Soundtoys Little Plate VST causing OBS to crash?

    I just started adding Sountoys Little Plate as an audio filter in OBS and it functions perfectly fine when OBS is running, but noticed that I get a 100% crash rate upon closing OBS. Last log file:
  7. T

    Applying filters to voice recording

    I'm trying the find the right filter-setting combination for recording my voice. So this is what I want to do: Make a recording with OBS of me reading a text, without any filters applied. Play-back that recording and play around with the filter-settings (gain, compressor, EQ, noise suppression...
  8. MrPihma

    Filtering prohibited audio content.

    Hello. Help is needed. Filtering prohibited audio content. I want to filter the audio track in terms of the use of forbidden words, for which they can block. The word search algorithm (translating audio into text, filtering text, replacing an audio track in a video) has been implemented...
  9. R

    MIC Audio Filters Major BUG while Monitoring is ON!?!

    Hello everyone, I am running studio version of OBS on Mac Mojave. Using Canon DSLR as webcam using CamLive and CamTwist. For Audio i am using a Focusrite scarlett Solo. In my OBS scene, i have an Audio output linked to Soundflower which picks up my guitar plugged into the Scarlett and through...