MIC Audio Filters Major BUG while Monitoring is ON!?!


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Hello everyone,

I am running studio version of OBS on Mac Mojave. Using Canon DSLR as webcam using CamLive and CamTwist.
For Audio i am using a Focusrite scarlett Solo.
In my OBS scene, i have an Audio output linked to Soundflower which picks up my guitar plugged into the Scarlett and through the Ableton DAW. This is working fine.
Also in the scene i have MIC INPUT which is linked directly to the scarlett solo that picks up my microphone audio for vocals without going through the DAW.
I want to add filters to the MIC INPUT and this is where the BUG happens:
When i turn on Audio monitoring in the advanced setting for MIC INPUT and then go to filters, the filters section lags, and the MIC INPUT stops registering any sound and everything in OBS becomes super slow to respond. I am able to add the VSTs, however there is no sound registering and everything is super slow in all of OBS anywhere i click. If i exit and reopen, it works until i go back to filters then the same happens.

I noticed when i go back into the advcanced settings and turn off Monitoring for the MIC INPUT, the slowness disappears instantly and i can access the MIC filters and VSTs fine and adjust them and whatever and i see the MIC levels registering my voice (but i can't hear them coz monitoring is off). When i turn back monitoring to ON, the same issue reoccurs and the audio stops registering and everything becomes super slow to respond although OBS doesn't actually crash and close.

This is driving me crazy and i can't seem to find any answers.


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