vst 2.x

  1. S

    Help! Open VST Interface button is missing!

    Hello, I am on Windows 11 and I tried to setup my audio filters as I used to in my old device, but now I can't because the button to open the vst interface is missing. I cannot set up my vst filters because I can't access the vst interface. Checking Open interface when active does nothing. It...
  2. K

    Can't Record/Stream Other Player when using Sonobus VST

    I use Sonobus and vdo.ninja for live music sessions and am looking to record the audio/video of these sessions in OBS, and eventually stream live. I want to use Sonobus as the audio source in OBS, and have attempted to connect via the Sonobus VST plugin. I am doing something wrong, as all that...
  3. P

    VST Bug When Opening OBS

    This happens everytime I open OBS With all my VSTs I have to keep closing OBS and reopening it for it to have a chance to be normal I moved everything onto the same drive and it's still doing this as well as running OBS an as administrator
  4. A

    OBS 28.1.1 - VST 2.x Plugins hang on the "Close Plug-in Interface" button in the OBS window

    When opening the "VST 2.x Plug-in" in the OBS window, the button changes from "Open Plug-in Interface" to "Close Plug-in Interface", now, when closing the Plug-in window directly in the of the Plug-in itself and in the OBS I click on the "Close Plug-in Interface" button to reopen the Plugin...
  5. theredchord411

    Soundtoys Little Plate VST causing OBS to crash?

    I just started adding Sountoys Little Plate as an audio filter in OBS and it functions perfectly fine when OBS is running, but noticed that I get a 100% crash rate upon closing OBS. Last log file: https://obsproject.com/logs/5-lwga5TtFEgaW8t
  6. RockNRollGeek

    [Bug Report]

    It seems that OBS 26.1.1 has a bug involving text/app scaling and the VST 2.x plugin. In Windows 10, when running OBS on a high res monitor with text/app scaling turned on, everything in OBS seems to scale properly, but when a VST 2.x plugin filter is applied to an audio source and you open...
  7. K

    OBS doesn't see the VST plugins or folder.

    I can't find a folder where you can add VST 2. x plugins, I searched all possible paths that I found on the Internet, VstPlugins from FL Studio has a folder, but obs does not see it(although I found it on the laptop the first time).Can you tell me how I can view or assign a folder myself?
  8. R

    Help with VST2 on Mac OBS

    I am very new to using OBS, however, I have background in audio work. I was looking to use a VST2 plugin to add reverb to my Mic, however, when I click add filter, it prompts me to choose a filter type. On PC I usually can see a VST 2.x type, however, this does not appear on my MacBook Air...
  9. mirobane

    OBS : ReaEQ on VLC playlist folder resulting crash

    Hi ! I try put VST2 filter on a VLC player tath reading a folder of MP3 then when i select Reaper VST plugin standalone on list menu ( ReaEQ in my case) , OBS crashes. media are playing and was able to not crash when audio source was stoped. logs : https://obsproject.com/logs/2G8xsgduhOToWWLx...
  10. B

    VST plugins unusable

    I'm trying to use VST plugins in OBS, no luck, I've tried the ReaPlugs which are supposed to be the plugins that OBS VST code is tested with, no luck. I add the plugin to the audio source, open the plugins interface, it works the first time, right after plugin installation, but then it crashes...
  11. M

    Vat plug-in problem with Mac

    I have installed the VST plugin for my mac Mojave, and I have a camera that is connected to OBS through The Ultra studio mini recorder... However, When I go to add a filter, I see the plugin, but then when I need to select A type of filter from the plug in, I see no possibilities. Thanks for help
  12. R

    MIC Audio Filters Major BUG while Monitoring is ON!?!

    Hello everyone, I am running studio version of OBS on Mac Mojave. Using Canon DSLR as webcam using CamLive and CamTwist. For Audio i am using a Focusrite scarlett Solo. In my OBS scene, i have an Audio output linked to Soundflower which picks up my guitar plugged into the Scarlett and through...
  13. D

    Question / Help OBS crashes upon startup after messing around with VST plugin

    Pretty sure my issue revolves around after the aforementioned plugin was applied to a gif media source file. My first rookie mistake for the books. I am wondering would there be a way to remove that effect through OBS' directories or through some sort of wizardly process? I thank those who...
  14. G

    Bug Report Third Party VST's crash OBS on Mac

    Hey guys, OBS crashes when I'm using 3rd party vst plugins. It mainly when I exit out of the 3rd part vst window. It happens with a variety of plugin brands. I'm not to familiar with the log process so I have incised to log links Here is the log with OBS crashed...
  15. P

    Bug Report OBS Studio crashing when loading Waveshell VST plugin as audio filter on Mic

    Hey! I've been trying to get the Waves VST Plugins to work on OBS and I've encountered a consistent crash when trying to load it as a Filter. 1. Open OBS 2. Add Mic/Aux to mixer 3. Go to Filters on Mic/Aux 4. Right click > add > VST 2.x plugin 5. Select Waveshell from plugin list 6. Observe...
  16. S

    Question / Help Need to install OBS on a different drive - possible to save and reinstall Scenes and Sources?

    Hi all, happy Friday :) Like the title says I need to move OBS to a different directory- from D: to C: The reson for this is C: is my SSD and is almost full so I wanted to save the remainingspace for game and windows updates. With that in mind, I decided to install OBS on my 2TB HDD. However...
  17. X

    Question / Help Help!! The VST 2.x plugin don't work

    The version of my OBS Studio is 20.1.3. If I use reaplugs, it works normally. But if I put the plugin I downloaded from Internet and put it into the folder, I can find the new plugin in the obs studio. But when I click the open plugin, there is no response. I have tried a lot of plugins, but...