Question / Help Need to install OBS on a different drive - possible to save and reinstall Scenes and Sources?

Hi all, happy Friday :) Like the title says I need to move OBS to a different directory- from D: to C: The reson for this is C: is my SSD and is almost full so I wanted to save the remainingspace for game and windows updates. With that in mind, I decided to install OBS on my 2TB HDD. However, Having recently purchased a Blue Yeti which has take forever to get working, I wanted to install some VST plug-ins. I tried this but the VST plugins aren't there. This is because VST can only read from a home directory - C:.

Still with me? Awesome and thanks!

OK, now I have a my stream all set up and the overlay is brill and streamlabs is all working. GREAT. But if I have to move OBS from D: to C:, will I be able to bring my scenes and sources with me - is there away to save them and then re-add them to OBS in its new location?

ALternatively - is there a way to use vst 2.x when OBS is installed in the D: drive?

Many many thanks for your time. Hope someone can help! :)


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You can export all scenes seperately to be sure to have them. Normally this wont be necessary because the Scenes are saved in your AppData folder. %appdata% brings you to AppData Roaming. In there is the folder obs-studio - basic - scenes. There you go.