OBS 28.1.1 - VST 2.x Plugins hang on the "Close Plug-in Interface" button in the OBS window

Alpha Omega

New Member
When opening the "VST 2.x Plug-in" in the OBS window, the button changes from "Open Plug-in Interface" to "Close Plug-in Interface", now, when closing the Plug-in window directly in the of the Plug-in itself and in the OBS I click on the "Close Plug-in Interface" button to reopen the Plugin window, it does not open.

It will only work if:
1 - Open and close the "Filters" window;
2 - In the left side list, click on another item and then go back to it;
3 - Open and reach the Plug-in directly in the interface in the OBS itself

In the version of OBS 28.0.1 it works in three ways

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