1. FiniteSingularity

    Retro Effects 1.0.0

    Bringing the Totally Rad 80s and 90s back to life. Introduction Retro Effects is an OBS plug-in that provides several filters to simulate retro hardware (e.g.- CRTs, NTSC Signals, etc...) giving your OBS sources an authentic retro look/feel. Retro effects provides the following filters...
  2. PuzzleAndy

    Free LUTs 1.0

    LessRed, LessGreen, LessBlue - Remove a color cast. MoreVibrant - Make colors more punchy except skin tones. MoreWarm, MoreCold - More emphasis on warm or cool colors.
  3. K

    Audio Filters plug ins

    I have my Zoom P4 connected to interface or someone's just my Samson Q direct to ubs and when using eq or noise gate or any other filter they are not active they work when they want to HEEEELLLP
  4. S

    When my main preview window game source is causing my head to b faded in with the same source window

    Hi everyone, i previously posted a forum on this topic a while ago and whenever i choose a game under sources my upper body and head seem to fade away with the main preview window of obs. I had this problem before and it just doesnt look right that way. I have tried to make a smaller window...
  5. S

    about creating a transparent window with green screen filter

    hi everyone, im trying to figure out something with trying to make a transparent green screen window in obs within the source name and i wanna try and get it where i have a smaller window inside obs within the main preview window and when i apply the chromakey filter i can c it in the smaller...
  6. aquas009

    Why obs cant display a game capture on top of another game capture using a filter?

    Hi,, the problem is obs wont diplay any video from a game capture on top of another game capture of the same game but using a blur fliter, I am using obs- shaderfilter by exeldro, gussian blur in the first game capture, and on top of that i have the second game captuer without blur, but the...
  7. Spinball

    How do I use a filter to add a background to a source with color key filter already applied?

    Hello, first of all there doesn't seem to be an intuitive forum to post requests for help. So this thread will inevitably be in the wrong forum. Sorry about that. Perhaps a moderator can move it with my apologies? Anyway, we have used Zoom + OBS to broadcast live streams on a weekly basis...
  8. R

    MIC Audio Filters turn off When I click away from OBS

    Hello all, For some reason recently, my OBS audio filters will de-activate when I use another application or game. So the mic will sound nice / crisp with a little bass and compression when I have the OBS window active and Im using it, BUT if I switch over to Premiere Pro to record a tutorial...
  9. G

    Curved filter?

    Hello, im looking for a filter which can transform my browersource or my camsource into a curved effect like my monitor or a tv screen. i want to simulate a kind of 3d effect on my cam or my pause stream for highlight videos and youtube videos. does anybody know a good shader filter for this...
  10. S

    No option to add filters or advanced audio

    I have just updated to the last OBS because it was crashing every time I clicked record. But now I have no option to add filters which I need as I use the 'screen record' plugin to have my camera & the video I am watching (I react on my youtube channel) into 2 separate video files. I have no...
  11. TecWiz

    SnapCamera - OBS plugin / Camera Filter ?

    With the recent news that the Desktop Camera filter app no longer supported at the end of the month of January 2023 has any one looked into the SnapAR / Dev kit to make a plugin that supports the filters from Snap? I am only an ideas man and not much in the dev execution of things. So I wanted...
  12. A

    OBS 28.1.1 - VST 2.x Plugins hang on the "Close Plug-in Interface" button in the OBS window

    When opening the "VST 2.x Plug-in" in the OBS window, the button changes from "Open Plug-in Interface" to "Close Plug-in Interface", now, when closing the Plug-in window directly in the of the Plug-in itself and in the OBS I click on the "Close Plug-in Interface" button to reopen the Plugin...
  13. C

    Source Defaults 1.1.1 test

    Source Defaults for OBS Studio An OBS Studio Plugin that lets you set a source as a "default source". Created sources of the same type will get the settings from the configured default source. Installation Click the "Go To Download" button at the top of this page, and download the installer...
  14. QmiiProductions

    Shaderfilter 1.21 for Mac OSX 0.6.0

    WARNING: this is NOT Shaderfilter-plus! Surn's legendary Shaderfilter plugin, recompiled and reworked to be used on Mac OSX devices! This has been a joint effort between Exeldro and I. He built the initial version of the mac compatible plugin, and we worked together to recode the shaders to be...
  15. C

    New User looking for help setting up audio

    Hi guys, I'm very new to recording / streaming. I am using the microphone auna MIC-900B with physical pop filters with following OBS filters: Gain (7,7 db) Noise Suppression (RNNoise) Limiter (-6 DB) Noise Gate (-32db / -26 db) Compressor (ratio 10:1 / Threshold -18 db / Attack 6 ms / Release...
  16. Lord Lumineer

    Add audio filters to scenes

    I would like to suggest OBS devs to add feature to include audio filters alongside the already available "video filters" to scenes so that the simple user can: Add a "scene" into other scenes and apply the compression filter\Gain values To have separate audio levels of same audio source on...
  17. S

    OBS tutorial (video + written): chromakey greenscreen, but applied only on a specific part or region

    Hi! This 6 minute tutorial will explain in depth (and from scratch) how to configure an OBS greenscreen scene setup, such that the greenscreen is only applied to certain preselected regions of the image. See: (not monetized) The whole thing explained...
  18. T

    Filters (skin, face, voice?) for livestreams and post-production?

    Hello. I am interested in what there is outside of Instagram etc. for possibilities of filters for face etc. and possibly voice (are there realistic voice changers?). Even though looks and clothes are unimportant to me privatley, and I possibly spend much less than 95% of the population on...
  19. B

    Filters & Audio Not Saving Between Scenes

    I read the other posts on this topic but the suggested fixes are not working. :( I use OBS to stream live classes. I need to switch between filters and audio depending on the scene. In scene #1 I use desktop audio. In scene #2 I use mic audio. I created a 2nd profile for the 2nd audio needs...
  20. indolering

    "Smart" Chromakey Garbage Matte

    There have been a few posts requesting a Zoom-esque background blur/virtual green screen, which uses some form of computer vision to segment the speaker from the background. Until recently, existing solutions based on Deeplab and BodyPix were very slow, ~10 FPS. However, Google released a...