1. A

    OBS 28.1.1 - VST 2.x Plugins hang on the "Close Plug-in Interface" button in the OBS window

    When opening the "VST 2.x Plug-in" in the OBS window, the button changes from "Open Plug-in Interface" to "Close Plug-in Interface", now, when closing the Plug-in window directly in the of the Plug-in itself and in the OBS I click on the "Close Plug-in Interface" button to reopen the Plugin...
  2. C

    Source Defaults v1.0.1

    Source Defaults for OBS Studio An OBS Studio Plugin that lets you set a source as a "default source". Created sources of the same type will get the settings from the configured default source. Installation Click the "Go To Download" button at the top of this page, and download the installer...
  3. QmiiProductions

    Shaderfilter 1.21 for Mac OSX 0.6.0

    WARNING: this is NOT Shaderfilter-plus! Surn's legendary Shaderfilter plugin, recompiled and reworked to be used on Mac OSX devices! This has been a joint effort between Exeldro and I. He built the initial version of the mac compatible plugin, and we worked together to recode the shaders to be...
  4. C

    New User looking for help setting up audio

    Hi guys, I'm very new to recording / streaming. I am using the microphone auna MIC-900B with physical pop filters with following OBS filters: Gain (7,7 db) Noise Suppression (RNNoise) Limiter (-6 DB) Noise Gate (-32db / -26 db) Compressor (ratio 10:1 / Threshold -18 db / Attack 6 ms / Release...
  5. Lord Lumineer

    Add audio filters to scenes

    I would like to suggest OBS devs to add feature to include audio filters alongside the already available "video filters" to scenes so that the simple user can: Add a "scene" into other scenes and apply the compression filter\Gain values To have separate audio levels of same audio source on...
  6. S

    OBS tutorial (video + written): chromakey greenscreen, but applied only on a specific part or region

    Hi! This 6 minute tutorial will explain in depth (and from scratch) how to configure an OBS greenscreen scene setup, such that the greenscreen is only applied to certain preselected regions of the image. See: (not monetized) The whole thing explained...
  7. T

    Filters (skin, face, voice?) for livestreams and post-production?

    Hello. I am interested in what there is outside of Instagram etc. for possibilities of filters for face etc. and possibly voice (are there realistic voice changers?). Even though looks and clothes are unimportant to me privatley, and I possibly spend much less than 95% of the population on...
  8. B

    Filters & Audio Not Saving Between Scenes

    I read the other posts on this topic but the suggested fixes are not working. :( I use OBS to stream live classes. I need to switch between filters and audio depending on the scene. In scene #1 I use desktop audio. In scene #2 I use mic audio. I created a 2nd profile for the 2nd audio needs...
  9. indolering

    "Smart" Chromakey Garbage Matte

    There have been a few posts requesting a Zoom-esque background blur/virtual green screen, which uses some form of computer vision to segment the speaker from the background. Until recently, existing solutions based on Deeplab and BodyPix were very slow, ~10 FPS. However, Google released a...
  10. darkomtc

    Negative delay filter

    Hello. I don't see any post similar to this, but I might be wrong. Sorry in advance. Anyway, I think it would be really helpful if scenes can add a negative delay in filters. How could this be implemented? - Obviously, you cannot render anything before it is happened, but in background it...
  11. U

    OBS Lua obs-filter-hotkeys 1.0.2

    Screenshots hotkeys video audio Setup Download scripts, add via Tools > Scripts > + button (path to script) Usage Select source with filters, add Filter hotkey filter to it. In settings bind hotkeys for each filter.Note: 0 - means disable filter , 1 - enable Current limitations...
  12. D

    Filter to create mirror of video source

    Hi, I've recently switched to OBS from another streaming tool. The previous one had a nice scene that I've been trying to re-create, with no luck so far. The scene includes two sources, but adds a reflection below them and changes the shape from a square, to make it look like they are curved...
  13. J

    Question / Help Audio Filter Strategy For Large Number of Audio Sources

    I'm running a stream while I am taking about 23 RTMP streams as input (from DJs streaming to me also using OBS via Media Sources) and I'm mixing them to a single output stream. To ensure consistent audio, I have compressors and limiters on the input stream. The challenge I'm having is that as I...
  14. P

    Question / Help Get rid of rumble?

    Hey, simple request, how can I decrease the amount of rumble I pick up when I touch my desk? If I move slightly or if I'm typing, it is very loud. I don't think a noise gate would work if I'm using it right so is there any filters that I can add to help me? Thanks!
  15. Limeth

    OBS ShaderFilter Plus v0.3.1

    This is a successor to obs-shaderfilter, but rewritten from the ground up. OBS ShaderFilter Plus OBS ShaderFilter Plus is a plugin for Open Broadcaster Software. It can be used to apply effects to sources using manually created GLSL/HLSL shaders. Add a filter to a source by right-clicking a...
  16. simernes

    Machine learning automatic green screen

    Good morning I was reading about this article from NVIDIA talking about incorporating ai into OBS live streams. Just curious on how they will do it, and if it would be possible to develop a plugin for OBS...
  17. N

    Bug Report Inaccurate Color Filter and Missing Alpha

    I noticed that when using the color correction filter, specifically when selecting specific colors, that I sometimes get different colors than entered. I've tried starting with white sources and even adding two filters. I also noticed that the hex color will get converted to hex with alpha, is...
  18. Gohst


    Hello, OBS cames with standard "Plugins" like an Noise Gate/Suppression, Compressor, Limiter Expander etc. (also with SideChain option). It would be great to integrate an also an Standard EQ so the "Vocal" part would be done. 1.Noise Gate/Supp 2.Comp 3.EQ (4. Limiter) I know you can load...
  19. A

    Question / Help Create callback in python script to use in "obs_source_enum_filters"

    Hi I'm trying to list filters on a source in a python script I'm working on, but i can't figure out how to get the callback working in: obs_source_enum_filters(obs_source_t *source, obs_source_enum_proc_t callback, void *param) I get this error: TypeError: in method 'obs_source_enum_filters'...
  20. S


    Hi, does my microphone settings change only voice recorded in obs, or for example on discord too?