MIC Audio Filters turn off When I click away from OBS


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Hello all,

For some reason recently, my OBS audio filters will de-activate when I use another application or game. So the mic will sound nice / crisp with a little bass and compression when I have the OBS window active and Im using it, BUT if I switch over to Premiere Pro to record a tutorial or a game like Baldur's Gate 3, the mic basically goes back to stock settings. Very low audio levels, no compression or filters. The issue I cant figure out, is that if I use an app like Adobe After Effects, this app does not seem to disable the filters, and the audio still sounds like it has the OBS filters.

Here is a video link where you can see the switching of windows and hear the difference.

The mic audio filters are:
Noise Gate - VST 2.x Plugin reagate-standalone
V2 Compressor

Has anyone experience this kind of issue?
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