1. A

    Add option to save recording as current scene

    TL:DR- There is no way to automatically name your recordings as the current scene. Add %CST = current scene title to Advanced>Recording>Filename Formatting. Description: To change the way a recording is saved navigate to Advanced>Recording>Filename Formatting. Currently there are 23/27...
  2. ezobtera

    Is it possible to switch scenes when the USB Camera turns off?

    I am using a Canon 550D connected to my Mac via HDMI Video capture. Since it is an old camera, it turns off every 30mins. When that happens, it shows the Color Bars as my video feed. It is a little embarrassing when used during live video chats and meetings. Is there a way to automatically...
  3. T

    Question / Help Can I Stream While My Pc Is Off

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone could tell me if I can run a 24/7 stream to youtube while my pc is off. If not, will my stream still run if my pc is in sleep/hibernation mode? I need info as leaving my pc on all night is wasting electric and i would like to carry on my stream whilst my pc isnt...