1. K

    Audio Filters plug ins

    I have my Zoom P4 connected to interface or someone's just my Samson Q direct to ubs and when using eq or noise gate or any other filter they are not active they work when they want to HEEEELLLP
  2. D

    Goals with timer

    Hello, I would like to know if there is any way to put a "timer" on the goals of followers, subs, etc...? Example: the sub goal appears, it stays for 5 minutes and disappears, returning after 20 minutes? And so it goes.
  3. C

    Make Alerts trigger a second browser sources

    As example, I need that when someone becomes a new follower, together with the normal browser source from stream labs, also the appearance of a second browser source is triggered (even just to refresh the second browser source would be sufficient). Is it possible?
  4. r4v3_b0yy

    Severe recording/streaming lags

    Hello. I am facing the problem of severe lags when recording\stream, my hardware is not the weakest, but obs VERY bad lags, and gives 2fps even on the record. I do not know what the problem is, after version 27.2.4 - OBS started to lag VERY badly, although I do not use any plugins or add-ons...
  5. A

    Cant install plugins en ubuntu 20.04.5

    i cant install plugins in a virtual machine ubunto
  6. N

    Change title and category when changing scenes

    Hello everyone :) I've been looking for a solution for a while, but I haven't found anything except "" but this plugin is from 2015 and doesn't work anymore. Do any of you know of a way to automatically change the title and category...
  7. M

    I need a CHATURBATE Tip Alerts Display

    Hello! I'm a cam model on the CHATURBATE website and I'm looking for someone who can make a Tip Alert plugin for me to use during my show. I am willing to hire the service of a programmer to reach my goal. Below is an example of how I would like the final result of the plugin: Does anyone...
  8. Baschfire

    OBS Fatal Error on Startup

    Having an issue when trying to open OBS, where I'm getting 2 pop ups (pictured below), saying that a file is missing for a plugin, but gives me no info on which plugin is having an issue. I've also added the log file, in case I missed anything. Some stuff I've done already: Installed the most...
  9. A

    OBS 28.1.1 - VST 2.x Plugins hang on the "Close Plug-in Interface" button in the OBS window

    When opening the "VST 2.x Plug-in" in the OBS window, the button changes from "Open Plug-in Interface" to "Close Plug-in Interface", now, when closing the Plug-in window directly in the of the Plug-in itself and in the OBS I click on the "Close Plug-in Interface" button to reopen the Plugin...
  10. V


    May someone help me find out what is wrong with my friend's OBS, for some reason their streams have been randomly crashing/disconnecting, my only guess is there's something related to StreamElements that's causing the issue but I can't figure out what exactly it is and how to remove it/delete it.
  11. Syntic_Entertainment

    Putting video call sources separately in OBS

    Greetings Lads, I was wondering if there's a way for me to get people's Face-cams from a video call into OBS so that I can move and resize them completely separate from one another instead of having, for example, Discord as a whole window in it. Like, is there a separate program that I can use...
  12. D

    Looking for an Audio Visualizer

    Hi! I am currently looking for a plug-in. Indeed, I would like to animate my live with a "visualizer" like those of Windows Media Player back in the days. But, I would like it to respond to a particular sound track in OBS where I listen to Spotify. I found a chrome extension named ...
  13. C

    Plugin isn't included in obs build

    My plugin builds by itself with no errors and obs builds without errors, but my plugin isn't included in the build folder and I tried inserting it manually but that just causes an error in obs. The plugin just adds a basic template source so there's nothing complicated going on inside it.
  14. Akkiirah

    Syncing overlay color to ascent color in-game

    Hello, just a small question because I wasn’t able to find anything regarding this anywhere. I‘m searching for some plug-in or something else that shifts the hue of my overlay to the color of my game. For example, when walking in a grassy area, the overlay should be greenish. When beeing on the...
  15. J

    Obs Speed Up Audio

    Is there any way with a plug in to speed up the audio in obs? Like in youtube that you can put the audio in 2x or something like that
  16. yuntian

    Voice changing plug-in

    Who knows there is a plug-in about voice change in OBS? I need to change the voice of the media source I input, not the voice of the microphone. Please help me, I haven't found it for a long time