I need a CHATURBATE Tip Alerts Display


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Hello! I'm a cam model on the CHATURBATE website and I'm looking for someone who can make a Tip Alert plugin for me to use during my show.

I am willing to hire the service of a programmer to reach my goal.

Below is an example of how I would like the final result of the plugin:

Does anyone know of a service that does this sort of thing? Or do you know any programmers who do?

NOTE: I used the site tipalerts.com to make this example, but the site does not work anymore, people send tips and the site simply does not count the values sent, because I am looking to have my own plugin.


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Hope you find someone ! I’m still struggling to get my TipAlerts to even work . I made my animations and everything was perfect after I completed my test tip on obs . Only thing I have to do now is connect it to my camsoda . It doesn’t connect at all .