plugin request

  1. 276ccm

    Screenshot timer

    Hi, is there a way, or a plugin for having a timer for taking a screenshot or several screenshots in OBS Studio for Mac? I guess if there is a time lapse function that take photos, it can work too and I can choose the photo I want/need? Thanks in advance, Marius :-)
  2. M

    I need a CHATURBATE Tip Alerts Display

    Hello! I'm a cam model on the CHATURBATE website and I'm looking for someone who can make a Tip Alert plugin for me to use during my show. I am willing to hire the service of a programmer to reach my goal. Below is an example of how I would like the final result of the plugin: Does anyone...
  3. BoiaGamer

    browser source

    Salve a tutti, io ho l'ultima versione di obs studio ma non è presente browser source, ho provato anche a scaricare il plugin ma questo è il messaggio che ricevo: Ops! Ci siamo imbattuti in alcuni problemi. Impossibile trovare la risorsa. qualcuno di voi ha per caso una soluzione? grazie...
  4. FunnyMonkeyBaz

    Plugin that changes scene name based on .exe file

    Hey lads, im seeking for a plugin that changes the scene name based on what is .exe running
  5. Krusty4President

    Backup user settings + profiles + all scene collections as a zip file

    We need a backup solution either built in or as a plugin where all user settings can be neatly backed up in a nice folder structure as a compressed archive such as zip or rar. Would be great.