RNNoise cuts my voice when I go too high pitched


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Hey everyone,
so I've been using OBS for quite a while and have noticed that when I have the RNNoise suppressor enabled on my mic, it will cut my voice out in a weird glitchy type sound when I go too high pitched. In other words whenever I might scream whilst playing a horror game...
I know that it is the suppressor because I've disabled it and the mic works fine.
I don't want to use the other suppressor available because tbh its terrible, but does anyone know a way I could fix this with me still being able to use the RNNoise suppressor?
I'm also happy to use a plugin if someone has a recommendation for me.

This is a link to an example vid. Head to 2:22 (that is where the audio cuts in and out)



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Whenever I scream or make any loud noise, my audio gets distorted and damages my listener's ear. I tried adding limiter, and compressor, but rather than the audio getting stored, and damaging ears, it cuts put, when you reach the threshold. I want it so when I scream or make a loud noise, rather than the sound cutting out, I want it to automatically lower, and get back to normal when the loud noise is gone. How do I do that?