mic bug

  1. S

    Mic gain randomly going down

    Hi guys, just noticed on stream than the audio of my mic is randomly going down for no reason. I mean not the cursor but the audio level itself it change from being right at the begining in of the yellow area to being way down in the green area. It seems that it has something to do with the mic...
  2. Kwens Wang

    A problem about microphone

    There is a little problem about microphone settings on Windows 11. If you choose default microphone device at the audio mixer, it can't work and OBS Studio can't record any sound. But it works with the same setting on Windows 8.1. I think it may be a bug or I didn't set it up properly. So can...
  3. B

    Mic keeps disconnecting

    Seems to only be happening on OBS while streaming - mic disconnects at random points and usually fixed by me unplugging and replugging https://obsproject.com/logs/8vR2iytPOgAAP431
  4. I

    OBS mic working when muted and not working when unmuted

    I was streaming the whole day everything fine, then all of a sudden my mic shows no waves (value) on neither of the channels (L and R), but the little boxes infront of them light up. When i realised it I thought that there might be a bug or something and when i muted my mic on OBS the mic picked...
  5. S

    I have a problems with the audio in streams

    hi, when i start stream everything is fine, but suddenly my mic stops working and i have to restart obs to get it working again.
  6. F

    I don't want to hear my voice playback?

    Hello, I have a question. I have capture via desktop audio through my headphones, because if I do it through speakers it would pick up on my mic? But I don't want to hear my own audio back at me in my headphones? I have tried switching it to monitor off for the mic? But when I do, it doesn't...
  7. A

    [UNSOLVED] Need help with electric/choppy voice? (is this that famous robotic voice?)

    1st Sample I use NVIDIA RTX Voice filter for this first voice sample. So, when I record a game. At the main menu, evertything was fine.. But after inside the main game my voice become weird like this. Here is the first case, https://voca.ro/1hn5uIUTU4ZE (disclaimer : ear rape) I wonder what...
  8. C

    Marvel SNAP (fullscreen, on PC) will not record headset/mic audio (all other applications/screens will)

    I'm in OBS studio using the Game Capture option, and using the "Capture Specific Window" option, that references the executable. This works on every other screen and game I've tried, catching both my audio and the application's audio. In Marvel SNAP, I can get the game audio no problem, and OBS...
  9. B

    Can't hear mic audio in recordings

    I've got my HyperX Quadcast S in the audio mixer, separated from my desktop and spotify audio. I've got the mic set to the 2nd track, and have ticked the box under the recording settings. The audio seems to be coming through fine, with the green bar thing moving when I speak. When I playback...
  10. L

    Mic static when streaming (sometimes)

    Hi! I recently changed from streamlabs to obs and since the change my mic, a blue yeti nano, randomly does a static noise (twitter bellow for a example of the noise). I'ts only on obs, friends on discord say they never heard it there and I looked at a lot of vods from when I used streamlabs and...
  11. R

    Audio halved and lagging when tabbing into Apex Legends (EXCLUSIVELY)

    As stated. Mic audio is crystal clear playing any game or when on desktop, but the moment I tab into Apex Legends my voice becomes extremely quiet and often very laggy and choppy. The issue goes away immediately when tabbing back out. Issue is 100% exclusive to Apex Legends as DayZ and Fortnite...
  12. L

    Mic recording while there is no input recording

    I opened up OBS today to quickly record some music I made without having to export it, I look back at the recording and notice it picked up my microphone, when there was no input recording in my sources. I made sure there were no other input recorders in any of my other scenes, but it still...
  13. K

    OBS monitoring mic even when all audio sources are disabled

    Hello, OBS is always monitoring my left channel (it's an XLR mic), even when all global audio sources are disabled and there are no sound devices in sources. I've found a solution but it requires me to disable my mic in Windows sound settings, then turn it back on. That fixes it until I close...
  14. D

    Mic Popping/Cutting Out During Streaming or Recording

    Hi all, thanks in advance for any help. I've been having a problem for a few weeks now where my microphone will just cut out parts (or all) of words, and there's lots of crackling and popping. The game audio is fine, there's no dropped frames or anything, and it happens even when I'm not...
  15. Y

    Discord coming through mic

    My friend started streaming on twitch but my voice is coming through his mic & desktop audio on stream but his game is not , haven't been able to find a fix considering we both stream with the same obs settings (almost) and have the same headset. Any idea how to fix this ? here's his log file...
  16. R

    Mic is cracking and popping at the low end.

    my mic is cracking and popping in the low end, when i am not talking or typing it just cracking on stream and when i monitor my sound coming form the audio in obs i can hear it also. My specs are amd ryzen 7 3800x Gigabyte b450 dsh3 16 gb ram msi 1060 6 gb mic is a at2020 xlr it is...
  17. Z

    mic sounds like 2 tin cans strung together

    so i have been having audio problem with my mic i have changed mics 3 times and now i have a hyperx yet this audio problem has continued i have added sound gates and eqs and comps yet nothing works its a wierd sound to it like i am talking on one of those tin can walky talkys that you make as a...
  18. W

    Laughing causing metal sound effect

    Whenever I laugh into my mic (with a pop filter on from a distance) the audio sounds metallic? I believe this is due to a filter (specifically noise suppression RNNoise) Below is an attached audio example file. https://www.dropbox.com/s/htomcf5qtbiwgr1/test%20audio.mp3?dl=0
  19. R

    microphone audio popping

    Hi guys, I've recently developed an audio issue that is showing on my microphone but not other audio sources. I've had it appear when changing a scene but once its there i cant get rid of it. It shows up in recordings and streams but not if i monitor the audio channel through headphones and i...
  20. N

    RNNoise cuts my voice when I go too high pitched

    Hey everyone, so I've been using OBS for quite a while and have noticed that when I have the RNNoise suppressor enabled on my mic, it will cut my voice out in a weird glitchy type sound when I go too high pitched. In other words whenever I might scream whilst playing a horror game... I know that...