Filters (skin, face, voice?) for livestreams and post-production?

Tobias Claren

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I am interested in what there is outside of Instagram etc. for possibilities of filters for face etc. and possibly voice (are there realistic voice changers?).
Even though looks and clothes are unimportant to me privatley, and I possibly spend much less than 95% of the population on clothes (replacement only if defective, no "fashion"), never go to the hairdresser (cut my own hair.... a wig just for the videos would be a option ;-) ), the fact is, the overall impression has an impact on success.
Even if I want to make videos on political and social issues....

This is an OBS forum, so for streaming.
I am also interested in streaming with OBS with filters, but would also like information for face/body and voice filters in video editing.

What are the current options both live and in post production?


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Unfortunately, I don't know of any filter that turns an unwashed shag in rags with a drunkard's voice into a perfectly coiffed opera singer in tails.


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OBS does support video and audio filters, including VST support if the built-in filters do not do what you need them to do.

Unfortunately we can't really help with specifics on what it sounds like you're trying to do. You'll get much better results starting with high quality sources and relying on filters only for fine tweaking; there are no full body/voice replacement plugins for OBS.
You might consider looking into VTuber rigs if a complete virtual body/face/voice rework is what you want. OBS can take that output and stream/record it from there. :)