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  1. codemann8

    [Solved] Desktop Audio per Scene

    Currently, the Desktop Audio is a global entity. So if you wanted to have Desktop Audio muted while in your BRB scene, you have to manually mute the global Desktop Audio and then unmute it when you come back. This should definitely be something that can be controlled on a per scene instance...
  2. P

    Question / Help No desktop audio on stream even though it says it's picking it up

    Title self explanatory. I know the audio is being picked up on OBS. Whenever someone talks on Skype/Discord or I play music, I can see it being picked up, but on stream, it's only game sound and my mic being picked up. I do not have it muted or anything like that. Was wondering why this would be...
  3. L

    Question / Help No desktop audio

    Ever since around the end of December I have been having issues with the desktop audio to where it shows that it is picking up the audio but it doesn't. Whats worse is that sometimes it does work, so as soon as I think I got it fixed, I get another video that I recorded for an hour with no...
  4. L

    Question / Help Desktop Audio isnt recieving the audio from my computer?

    I am running windows on the newest MacBook pro and I downloaded obs just recently and everything else is working besides the desktop audio i have tried for days to get it to work and still nothing. Any suggestions?
  5. B

    Question / Help Desktop Audio not working

    Someone tried helping me on reddit but it didnt work so here i am Log -
  6. J

    Question / Help Controlling app audio inputs?

    So I want to capture just a window and the apps audio and the mic, and not the other apps I have running. I want to hear them, but I don't want them streamed. All OBS does is capture global desktop audio without providing a setting for individual volumes.
  7. P

    Change desktop audio volume with hotkey in obs

    I've looked online for a way to change the desktop audio volume with a keyboard shortcut only to find I could not reply with an answer. This is for anyone needing to know a work around to doing so. Below is a list of steps as an example. Add a source, "Audio Output Capture" (This will be the...