desktop audio

  1. K

    No desktop sound detected

    Hi, thanks for reading My problem is that the Desktop Audio device doesn't detect anything, I tried changing it but nothing changes. The only sound detected is coming from my mic. It worked fine not long ago, so I don't know why it won't work anymore.
  2. I

    Desktop audio really quiet despite having the gain filter and volume up

    Hey guys, so I've been having this problem where when I record a video the microphone and videos fine, but the desktop audio is really quiet. I have the gain filter and volume up and it does nothing, I tried other solutions that i've searched up and found on here and Reddit and none of them...
  3. O

    No Desktop Audio in Recording

    When I record, in the Sound-mixer it shows a audio signal. But in the Record I don't hear the desktop Audio. When you want i can send a screenshot from my settings. sorry for my bad english:)
  4. N

    My desktop audio sounds really bad. It sounds like its being recorded through a microphone and nothing has helped me so far. here is my log. this is the first time ive ever had this issue and until now my audio has been working fine.
  5. S

    desktop audio not working

    I'm trying to use OBS to stream gameplay on twitch, idk if that matters.. but the desktop audio is not being picked up at all. i've set desktop audio to be captured through my headphones but still nothing. i've checked every youtube video i can find and nothing has been remotely helpful. i've...
  6. V

    OBS Desktop Audio Issues!

    I have done all the solutions that come up when you google the issue so I have come here I have even reinstalled OBS, reinstalled my audio drivers, set my headset to default, tried setting desktop audio to default, and to the specific headset. It works when I change it to my realtek speakers and...
  7. G

    Desktop Audio Doesn't Work with OBS Running

    Hello, Everything was working great last week. This week, nothing but issues. I think I have everything else sorted except that I can no longer hear any other desktop audio while OBS is running. This is a problem since I am a music professor. I create my lectures with OBS. I need to be able to...
  8. H

    how to connect desktop audio to obs to twitch?

    so i want to have the sounds that I am hearing from my laptop (for example even if im wearing headphones and im on a call, i want it that the people watching my stream can hear the call as well / if im playing a game on my laptop and there are sounds in the game and i have my headphones on, i...
  9. Felix941

    Desktop audio output from capture card distorted

    Hello, im using a Avermedia Extremcap U3, and I can't get it to output the sound to desktop without it beeing highly distored: I tried different drivers and hdmi cables. I googled for the Problem and tried stuff for about 3 hours yesterday until I gave up, I dont...
  10. N

    OBS not picking up desktop audio

    I am having trouble with getting OBS to consistently capture my desktop audio. I record reaction videos, and sometimes it captures my desktop audio and sometimes it does not, with no changes made to the settings. I use a Scarlett Solo interface for my headphones and made sure to have all the...
  11. J

    OBS not playing desktop audio from Digital Audio Workstation

    I have been able to stream with audio from my DAW[(Digital Audio Workstation) Presonus Studio One, Ableton] before and now it doesn't show any audio is coming through. I am able to hear the audio on my speakers, but OBS meters for desktop audio shows no values. All other apps, Mozilla, Windows...
  12. T

    OBS not recording or even detecting Desktop Audio output

    I have OBS 25.0.8 (64-Bit) running on Windows 10 v1909 on a Laptop with a USB Logitech G35 Headset on. I am able to record video with my microphone input captured successfully, but System/Desktop audio output (e.g. a YouTube video playing or a Skype call with someone else) directed to my headset...
  13. M

    Problems with desktop Audio

    Hello. I'd like to record games but my OBS won't record the sound of the games. Only my voice. I already tried setting the audio Monitoring to "Monitor and Output" und putting all Tracks on 1. it also says that the desktop Audio is activ. Thanks for help in advance
  14. E

    2 media sources but cant monitor

    I added a media source to scene with a mp3 file, in advanced audio set to monitor & output. When I start the scene you can hear it on the youtube stream but not through my desktop speakers. I cant hear the music unless I change the advance audio to monitor off and back to monitor & output. Any...
  15. N

    Desktop audio is extremely low and audio monitoring doesn't work

    I'm entirely new to OBS and I'm testing the settings with videos. I've set it to optimise for recording, not streaming. I'm on Windows 10 and have turned off audio ducking, stopped applications from taking control and messed with the decibel meter in the mixer. I can turn the decibels up but...
  16. U

    Question / Help My desktop audio has disappeared

    Hi, I was going to start recording when i noticed that my desktop audio wasn't there anymore. I tested some things out and when i recorded for a bit i couldn't hear my game audio at all. i would like to know how to get the desktop audio back. i have no idea what happened but here is a screenshot...
  17. P

    Question / Help OBS Desktop Audio not working

    I've changed my audio output device to match that of my headset, but it still doesn't detect any audio. At first, I thought this was specific to my discord, but it won't detect anything, from game audio to youtube videos. Is there anything I can do? My headset is the Corsair Void Pro Wireless btw.
  18. T

    Question / Help MAC - no desktop audio

    Hi all, I am using a MBPro with 10.14.6. I try to only capture the screen with the audio from the video/screen with no voice from my side. In the overall audio settings I get the list with the various "devices" including desktop-audio and desktop-audio2. I assume these are the ones I have to...
  19. Zarb

    Question / Help Audio not being picked up.

    So, no matter what I've tried, whether it be changing things around in my settings, or uninstalling and re-installing OBS, I cannot get it to pick up my audio through either the "Desktop Audio" or the "Audio Output Capture", I have it all set to the correct devices, and nothing has worked. My...
  20. MachineTheGod

    Question / Help OBS not recording desktop sound.

    Hi, I've recently tried to start recording some videos with OBS. While the microphone sound is recorded and goes smoothly, the game sound doesn't get recorded. I've gone through many forums posts and videos trying to understand what can be causing this but, so far, nothing worked. I am using a...