As soon as I open obs, all desktop sound sounds muffled.


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As soon as I open obs, the sound of all programs sounds muffled (like putting the headphone under a blanket).

BUT, if I replay a recording, the sound is perfect.

Now, since the video remains in normal Quality, it is really annoying and I tried everything to fix it.

What I tried was:
Reinstalling obs
Disabling 3D sound
disabling audio enhancements.

If it helps, this happens with ALL recording software, not only obs.


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I have been using headphones all this time.

Now I tried opening multiple recording software with the normal speaker, and everything sounds fine.

This means that the problem must lay in the headphone settings.


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You probably have a Bluetooth headset. If the mic of a Bluetooth headset is accessed, the headset switches to voip mode, and the quality of voip mode is low as you described. To avoid OBS access your mic, go to settings->Audio and set it to Disabled. You find your mic at the "Mic/Auxiliary Audio" entry. Might either be called "Default" or the device name.


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So I have now disabled this microphone for obs.

Unfortunately, audio is still muffled as long as obs is open.

Any advice?


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Ok it fixed it by disabling the mic in the windows settings. By using a separate mic it worked all fine!