Deep Voice and HORRIBLE Desktop Audio


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I have been using Blackhole 16h to stream on my Macbook M1 for a year now and it has always worked extremely well. Suddenly the desktop audio did not work well at all and my voice would sound extremely deep without a voice changer. The background music I was trying to play in the background of my stream would be crunchy and horrible quality. I have been looking for an answer for more than 2 months now. However, note that it would sometimes work for no apparent reason, but then the next time I would stream, I would get the same problem. I have tried re-installing Blackhole and there has been no change.

Below is a screenshot of my OBS Audio settings and I would also like to know if this issue is not only happening to me.


  • Screenshot 2023-10-17 at 16.41.26.png
    Screenshot 2023-10-17 at 16.41.26.png
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