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OBS can hear audio but I can't.
I can't get OBS to output audio to my monitoring device.

Recently ran in to an issue with monitoring browser source audio via OBS, Output works for stream but I can't hear on my end.
Make sure your audio devices are set up properly before trying this (bug?) fix.

1. Make sure you turn monitoring off

2. Restart OBS
3. Enable Monitor Only (Monitor and Output)


This seems to be a temporary fix, sometimes it reverts back and I have to repeat the process again.
If you have a more permanent fix for this let me know, I hope this helps.

Not sure what triggers this issue, or how I can help on a fix for this because I checked the logs and startup monitoring devices and settings are the same as non bugged instance of OBS. (OBS 28.1.2)


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I do test a lot of OBS plugins and never did a clean install on it for years.
So it could be an issue triggered by that.