Choppy slowed audio, on laptop using srt and obs cloud hosting


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Hi, my problem is very specific and I've wasted hours trying to fix it. Nothing helps. I'm an irl/pc variety streamer. I often go from irl streams to pc streams seamlesly without ending the stream. Im using Bela cloud for the SRT services and IRLkit for obs cloud hosting (phone/laptop -> Irlkit obs cloud -> twitch). My problem is that when I start the stream on my laptop (uploading to the srt server) the audio is in slow motion. Just like this The funny thing is that sometimes it works well and sometimes its just like in the clip, so there is no way to actually diagnose the issue. The problem most likely lies in my laptop, HP Victus 15-fb0xxx (Ryzen 5 5600h, RX 6500m, 16gb ram, windows 11 22H2) or in my obs. When I was streaming through a different SRT provider there was no issue. But streaming thought the bela cloud srt shouldn't be an issue as well cause the audio works on another pc with the same streaming setup. Most recent log file