audio lag

  1. R

    Audio Lagging On Live Stream

    Hello everyone my obs live stream audio lags terribly. here is an example: here is the log file: I am running a Virtual private server through that way the live stream can...
  2. Valzoa

    ISSUE: Audio is lagging at max audio buffering. Restarting source audio.

    Hey all, long story short - I'm having consistent audio issues when recording using my Elgato 4K60 Pro. The issues is audio crackling after a while of recording, and sometimes immediately after starting recording and the only error code I see is this: Source PS5/Switch Elgato4K audio is lagging...
  3. T

    Browserquelle laggt

    Hallo zusammen, aktuell laggen meine in OBS eingebundenen Browserquellen. "Außerhalb" von OBS funktionieren die Audiodateien ohne laggt. Leider habe ich keine Ahnung, was benötigt wird um das Problem genauer zu beschreiben. LG Torben
  4. J

    Help! Audio stops synchronizing at minute 10 of recording

    Help! The audio stops synchronizing right at the 10 minute mark. It lags and skips, while the video goes on normally. This issue started right after the latest update. Before then, I could record fine for over eight hours without audio messing up. The: Settings > Audio > Advanced > Disable...
  5. P

    Choppy slowed audio, on laptop using srt and obs cloud hosting

    Hi, my problem is very specific and I've wasted hours trying to fix it. Nothing helps. I'm an irl/pc variety streamer. I often go from irl streams to pc streams seamlesly without ending the stream. Im using Bela cloud for the SRT services and IRLkit for obs cloud hosting (phone/laptop -> Irlkit...
  6. H

    Audio not synched and echo..

    Hi. I'm having several audio problems, but the biggest at the moment is that when I record from VHS to my HDD, the preview audio is delayed from the video. I'm having other audio problems as well, but if I can fix this one first, it might fix the others, too. The other major problem is that...
  7. D

    Audio lag media source

    Hello people I want to create reaction videos. When I download the video from YouTube and play the video back as a source in OBS, the audio is like 1.5 secs behind the video. So the video plays, and the audio is behind the video. I used the advanced audio settings to change the offset, but the...
  8. A

    OBS Stops Recording Audio After In-between LoL Games

    Hey there, I'm looking to get into content creation, so I started learning OBS. I got it all setup perfectly, I even got some virtual audio cables to separate my audio which is super nice. Getting to the problem, every time I finish a game of League of Legends, OBS just stops picking up audio...
  9. P

    Audio interruption when recording screen

    Hello! Please help with the problem. When adding source "window rec" or "game rec" everything works fine. But as soon as I add a screen recording source, the audio on the broadcast starts to break. Everything works fine on the record. This issue occurs both when using standard Windows speakers...
  10. B

    Audio lags by around half a second

    Hello there. As the title says, for some reason the game audio lags by more or less half a second. It works normally in recordings (which I 'm very glad for), but like I said, the game audio lags when put through the speakers. It's not an issue with the speakers, and it only popped up a few...
  11. W

    Game Audio Latency with PS5 and hd60s+

    I am trying to stream Fortnite gameplay via the elgato hd60s+ and my PlayStation5, but in OBS all audio coming from my PS5 has about a full second of latency. The microphone that I am using through a Focusrite audio interface has no delay whatsoever, it’s just the PS5 and all of the audio is...
  12. P

    Help! My audio is lagging behind video. Happens inconsistently.

    Howdy! Been using OBS Studio successfully for 10 months, and while there was a learning curve of sorts for the first few weeks, I found settings that work. MOST OF THE TIME. However, now and then, for no apparent reason, my audio will lag behind my video. Today I did a music show on Facebook...
  13. C

    HDMI Splitter Causing Video-Audio Desync?

    I use a 1x2 HDMI Splitter to record my PS3 game footage and I notice that after about 10 minutes of recording/just playing the game, a delay between audio and video is occuring. The video is just fine, but the audio begins to lack. The longer this goes on, the worse the lag goes. And it does get...
  14. J

    Media Source .mov file audio not sync'ed in OBS only

    HI all, I am new to this and I'm trying to get a demo together for my theater to show how well this works. Everything seems to go great, but I ran across an issue with a video that our education department made. When I play the video in Windows Media Player or Quicktime I have no problems, but...
  15. S

    Slow Descent Into Lagged Audio

    Hello! So I have recently started using my Nvidia card again (on a brand new computer). Previous computer had Nvidia card disabled while I used x264. I wanted to try the NVEC on OBS and the video for streaming indeed looks so much nicer. HOWEVER, there is an issue... The longer I stream, the...
  16. knopf55

    Question / Help Audio delay ruining OBS

    Installed OBS two weeks ago, streamed live music events successfully (except sound quality) three times via Youtube live-streaming on my channel. Video looks great. The sound quality is so bad, it has to improve otherwise I have to try a different encoder. Included: screenshots of all my...
  17. S

    Question / Help HD60s crackling/dropping audio in OBS? (Mac using OBS Link)

    Hey everyone, I’ve started streaming using an Elgato HD60S with OBS on a Mac to stream from my Xbox One S, but I've been having persisitent issues with the gameplay audio dropping during the stream. It beings stuttering, then completely drops out, and keeps stuttering as it comes back it. The...
  18. A

    Question / Help Audio delay in OBS Studio from iOS using Elgato

    Hello, I am using MacBook Pro 13" 2018 to stream on YT using Elgato HD60 S. The current method (the only I could find) was to use OBS Link to capture from Game Capture HD software to OBS Studio. It works for a min (the audio and the video), but then there is an audio lag of roughly a second. I...
  19. N

    Question / Help FB Live - How to Fix Audio/Visual Lag for Windows Capture

    I'm FB live streaming a live stream from different city's websites. I have an audio/visual lag but the lag time differs for each city. Is there a way to automate the settings to fix the lag issue?
  20. S

    Question / Help Audio out of sync - can't find most common solution (device timestamps)

    So I did some research and it seems like many people who have had my problem (game audio out of sync, mic audio fine) got a fix by turning on "device timestamps," which supposedly was in audio options. I can't seem to find it anywhere! I've looked all over settings, I looked in Windows 10...