1. A

    I have tried so many mic filters yet I have no way of getting rid of keyboard and mouse sounds...

    All I want to do is return to recording gameplay videos but I have become a bit of a perfectionist and can't stand hearing my keyboard and mouse sounds in my recordings. The sounds are as loud as my normal voice so a noise gate doesn't do much. Any help? Possible solutions? Thanks!
  2. N

    Audio bug with newer OBS version causes audio crackling, choppy mic or mic stuttering multiple time a second, OBS unusable with higher quality mics?

    For most of 2020 there have been posts about this bug on this forum and reddit etc. It seems that OBS just does not like higher quality microphones and no fix has been presented. Users who add a mic, especially higher end usb or even shotgun microphones fed via XLR find that their stream and...
  3. X

    Virtual Microphone

    I want to add a virtual microphone in OBS so that people can hear me from the virtual camera.
  4. F

    Webcam Mic has high frequency sounds

    I have finally got my Elgato HD60 hooked up to my laptop and everything is running fine. Frames are good, game audio and quality is good, but my webcam I have hooked up unfortunately is also my only mic I have. I’ve been messing around with Expander/NoiseGate filter in OBS to get rid of my...
  5. N

    No Mic Audio!

    So I've been using OBS for a nit now and now all of a sudden I don't get mic audio after I finish my recordings. On the audio mixer, it shows that there is audio coming from my mic but for some reason it does not show up in the video I just recorded. All I can hear is the desktop and game audio...
  6. W

    Mic quality in obs is bad for no reason

    I need your help, I can't get a good mic quality in OBS. In Audacity, the mic sounds fine. When I monitor my mic in OBS, it sounds fine, but when I record or stream the quality disappear. I made sure my webcam was not being used as an audio input and I even unplugged it to be sure. Here's a...
  7. M

    Cant hear mic in recordings

    https://obsproject.com/logs/Lub49DRKU9_o22r4 I can see that OBS recognises my mic becouse the mic sound bar is reacting properly. But after recording i cant hear my voice in the recording at all.
  8. C

    MIC Audio Crackling ONLY in OBS

    Hello, I've been trying to fix this issue for weeks now, whenever I use my mic in OBS there is this crackling noise all the time. Only when using OBS to record or stream does this occur. I've done separate recordings on Audacity and talking through Discord everything is clean. I've messed with...
  9. C

    OBS doesn't even have mic bar

    Windows registers I have a mic but obs doesn't even have the bar there.
  10. A

    Static sound when I speak into my mic

    I just bought a new USB mic to use in OBS, and I notice a slight static sound while I speak when I do local recordings. I have little knowledge of audio settings, but I messed around with the sample rate and made sure my mic was not set to a high dB. I have my mic set to a normal range/gain, but...
  11. A

    2 layerd sound recording

    Hi, I used to be able to record my video's in a way that my mic and my bg audio would be seperated automaticly. One day I just recorded a video as usual without touching the audio settings and it just stoped recording the audio seperetly. If I record with my bg and mic on seperate tracks (1 and...
  12. V

    Scarlett 2i2 Audio drop

    Hello Everyone, I am new to this forum and OBS. I recently purchased a Scarlett 2i2 for recording interviews on my Macbook Pro 15 inch (2018) model. Everytime in the middle of a record the audio incoming from my scarlett just stops. Although the Scarlett is still connected and a=passing audio...
  13. P

    Audio Ouput is Echoing... Not the Mic/Voice of Mine

    I was recording with my Friend on MY Computer and HE ECHOED... Not Me. So then i recorded some normal Desktop Audio and My Audio Output Was Echoing.. NOT MY MIC OR MY VOICE... Also here is the Log: https://obsproject.com/logs/-AEi5Yk8RgCgJsai
  14. M

    Question / Help Issues with MacOS Catilina 10.15.4 (AUDIO)

    Hi I've been having trouble with the audio, I'm using an Apollo Twin MKll, I'm also using the program Sound Siphon to separate my spotify and Mic. I see the Mic levels on the interface and OBS, looks like its working but I'm not recording any audio in the stream. I've fixed it once by setting...
  15. A

    Question / Help OBS + DSLR + Elgato HD60s

    Hi I am relatively new to streaming and am trying to stream content using my DSLR as a camera feed into OBS (as a NDI source). I have the Elgato HD60s and a wireless mic. Currently, I have the mic plugged into the DSLR and it plays audio pretty well. I am also trying to play music but can not...
  16. N

    Question / Help Hall / Echo When Recording External Mic Only in OBS

    Hello, I have a strange problem with OBS. I'm trying to record from webcam and an external microphone. I noticed that recording the external mic in OBS creates a pronounced hall effect. Recording the same source in Adobe Audition does not create that hall effect. I went through all the...
  17. Bank47

    Question / Help WebCam mike is seperated to diferent channels

    Hi, this is my first post,and I thank you in advance for any help. Using my webcam for streaming/recording I have to add another source to have voice to my webcam picture source. Photo shows my setup. Is this normal or I am doing somethingwrong. Thanks. alf
  18. P

    Question / Help Get rid of rumble?

    Hey, simple request, how can I decrease the amount of rumble I pick up when I touch my desk? If I move slightly or if I'm typing, it is very loud. I don't think a noise gate would work if I'm using it right so is there any filters that I can add to help me? Thanks!
  19. H

    Question / Help Mic Audio Way To Quiet

    I've been looking around for a bit on the forums here and haven't found anything that helped. So I decided to just make one. When I record, you can hear desktop audio perfectly fine, but you can barely hear my mic audio, I have the Mic/Aux balance bar all the way up (if that helps). Nothing I...
  20. J

    Question / Help Using an Onboard camcorder MIC?

    Im planning a 24 hour live stream for this Friday, and I’m gonna be streaming from 2 different places. 1 area is where I normally stream( my computer), and the second place is from my living room where my camcorder will be set up at(camcorder is an ActinNow camcorder with an attached MIC through...