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    Question / Help Mic audio clicking while talking in game

    Hello there! I am using OBS to record localy (multiple audio tracks) and it seems that I have an issue with the mic audio only when I have a game open. While not in a game you can here on the example that my mic is working fine, but when I open up the game, it starts ticking while I speak. Here...
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    Question / Help OBS not picking up any mic activity, Discord and Windows are.

    In essence, OBS can't detect any activity through the Mic, Windows and Discord can however. The mic is set as "Mix/Auxilliary Audio Device", default communications and default devices in Windows 7. It is not muted anywhere on the PC, including OBS, I have so far tried changing the mic device to...
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    Free Launchpad Controller for OBS 1.2

    You want's to control your stream environment like a pro but you don't want to pay 150$ for a streamdeck ? There is the solution ! You can use your already acquired launchpad or buy the launchpad mini for 78$ (half of the price of a streamdeck) This tool is simple, this is how it works : And...
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    Question / Help My mic is not working on stream

    So I Stream regularly every day and one day my mic cannot be heard on stream and my discord friends can hear me and the audio levels are going up and down in stream labs obs and the mic is not muted. This is probably a simple fix but I cannot find it on the internet. Can someone help?
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    Question / Help MIC/AUX audio doubling/echoing

    basically what the title says how do I fix it
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    Bug Report Mic looping

    Hi, first than all sorry for what is probabbly going to be a new level of shitty english. Now to the problem: I installed obs on my recently formated pc and as the tittle suggests, my obs is picking up and streaming my mic over and over again. -No, I dont have my stream open -No, I dont have...
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    Question / Help mic and desktop audio problem

    So I have a headset I connect to my pc and it has a mic but when I go to record obs will only capture my mic audio or the desktop audio what should I do to fix so it captures both?? Also when I go into obs and make sure my mic audio is set to the headset the desktop audio is cut off but then...
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    Question / Help Mikrofon schaltet selbstständig ab!

    Hallo zusammen, mein Problem besteht sowohl am PC als auch am Laptop (beide haben Windows 10 drauf). Ich starte meinen Stream oder meine Aufnahme und nach einer gewissen Zeit schaltet sich plötzlich mein Mikro aus und nimmt nicht mehr auf. Erst wenn ich auf "Eigenschaften" klicke, dort dann...
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    Question / Help Mic feedback issue

    OBS seems to give me this problem where I can hear everything my mic picks up and its annoying i cant turn it off. Can anyone help?
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    Bug Report 64 Bit OBS Not working with displays, but 32 bit works fine.

    The 64bit version of the software will recognize, but not allow for recording/display of my mointors. Will work with game capture, but display captrue will not. 32 bit version, however, works just fine. Not sure why. Attaching logs.
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    Question / Help HyperX Cloud Alpha sounds echoy in recordings, unsure what to do.

    Hello all, and welcome to my post. I really would like to get into streaming, but I have noticed a huge problem when I start recording or streaming: my mic sounds like garbage. I know that headset mics are not the best, but for now this is what I have, so I am trying to make the best of it. I...
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    Question / Help Headset / Mic Problems

    So I have two things plugged in, a headset and a fully functioning microphone, yet when I try to choose what I want to use for recording audio, the only options I get are default and Realtek High Quality Sound. I try both but for some reason it defines the headset as the default even though I...