Question / Help OBS doesnt support the generic USB audio win10 drivers from MS?


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No matter what I do I can not get OBS to pick up on this device. I see it in the mic sources but never get any levels out of it. I tried the whole 'asio daw' solution... big nope also....

Mic works as a std mic source far as I can tell every program I use other then OBS has no problems seeing nor using the mic. TS, Discord, etc etc so Im totally at a loss at this point.

If anyone has any ideas or knows of a solution be greatly appreciated, I do not believe its related to ASIO at all anyway as the drivers is the 'Generic USB Audio device' driver created by microsoft themself. The pre-amp is not using any software at all by the mfg. its using purely window's generic driver so not sure why OBS would be having a problem with this.



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Just found something even more odd about it.... if I changed the settings on this source and turn 'monitor + output' on then I can hear the mic but its only because its coming thru the primary audio source now...

after thinking about this I noticed that all the audio was being routed to the center channel... o.O without even asking it just thrown it there... so I decided to give setting a mono mic to 2ch 16b/48khz and low and behold instantly it all came back working... see activity in the VU meter now o.O Definitely seems like a bug...

So seems the only way to solve this problem is using a program like Voicemeter Banana that uses virtual audio patching or a similar program
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