Question / Help Microphone getting suppressed by desktop audio while streaming games on obs.


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Hello Everyone, so I'm fairly new to the streaming scene and i'm using Acer Predator Helios 300 (laptop) to livestream my gameplay on youtube. The video quality of my streams are excellent but it is the audio part where my streams are lagging behind. The problem is related to the microphone i.e. while streaming when sometimes other players speak or when there are loud gun sounds, my own voice from the mic gets suppressed by the game audio. I'm using Cosmic Byte H3 headsets as the mic. I have BoAt headsets also but the same problem prevails there also. Is there any solution for this problem?


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Make sure Windows audio ducking is off.

Make sure you haven't applied a Compressor filter in OBS with a sidechain source selected.

Most often you'd want to sidechain game audio against mic audio, so that the game quiets down when people speak and then comes back when they stop. If this isn't a windows feature doing this and you've added a compressor filter, it's possible you just set it up backwards-- so that your mic is ducking when the game gets loud.