mic issues

  1. Prodacy

    Mic Won't Pick Up When I Go High Pitched?

    So, I can't seem to find a fix online or in the forums. Maybe its just my microphone? I have my filters fine tuned really well and it works the way it should. Well... Sorta. So I can scream really loud into my mic and my limiter limits it perfectly. BUT, my issue comes up when I go high pitched...
  2. C

    Microphone crackling/static sound while streaming AND recording

    I’ve been having an issue on and off for a few months with my microphone while I both stream to Twitch and record in OBS where there is a light crackling/static sound that plays. It is not an overpowering sound and it is really only noticeable when I am just talking without music or a game in...
  3. M

    my audio is repeating what i said 5 seconds ago over the live audio

    https://www.youtube.com/live/ojtfn26pkL4?si=wpD2uNkDx66bsy-t&t=2338 if you watch this live for even 40 seconds you will understand how disturbing it is
  4. V

    Weird mic reverb kinda thing

    Hi, I'm very new to OBS. I record Minecraft videos with some of my friends and I was finding a strange reverb on my mic. The gameplay audio is fine, my friends voices on Discord are fine it's just me. A good few minutes into my recordings (maybe about 10-20 minutes?) the audio goes back to...
  5. S

    Mic gain randomly going down

    Hi guys, just noticed on stream than the audio of my mic is randomly going down for no reason. I mean not the cursor but the audio level itself it change from being right at the begining in of the yellow area to being way down in the green area. It seems that it has something to do with the mic...
  6. X

    Mic recording only on left channel

    So i recently got a new microphone, AUDIO-TECHNIKA AT2020, i aslo bought an XLR interface, M-AUDIO M-TRACK DUO, when i try to record anything with OBS/Audacity it only record on left channel no matter what settings i use on the xlr interface itself, when i try to change the panning from 0 to...
  7. L

    Mic Issues only in OBS

    Hello. I am quite new at this so I have no idea what I am doing withing OBS, been following some guide but since each mic and PC is different that becomes a bit tricky. My issues is quite simple, for the past three months I've been recording just fine. There was an issue once where after an...
  8. T

    Mic Audio Gaps

    My Mic AUdio seems to randomly have gaps every 15-20 seconds for about 0.5 of a second, I've played around with the settings and set limiters up so it doesn't seem to be a clipping issue and can't see and red on the mic to signify it would be. I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to this stuff...
  9. A

    Unique OBS Mic Line In Audio Challenge: Mackie Onyx12 Mixer - Insights Needed

    Hello, I am encountering difficulties with my Mackie Onyx12 mixer and OBS. My Mackie Onyx12 operates as three separate devices in OBS: "Onyx12 1-2 (Onyx12)", "Onyx12 3-4 (Onyx12)", and "Line In (Onyx12)". The "Onyx12 1-2 (Onyx12)" and "Onyx12 3-4 (Onyx12)" correspond to channel faders on the...
  10. J

    Trouble with 4 mics into 1 audio clip

    We use the Tascam 4X4 to plug in our mics to OBS. Right now it's comes out under 1 audio file and we can't seem to get it to record into multiple files to make editing easier. Does anything know how to do this?
  11. I

    OBS mic working when muted and not working when unmuted

    I was streaming the whole day everything fine, then all of a sudden my mic shows no waves (value) on neither of the channels (L and R), but the little boxes infront of them light up. When i realised it I thought that there might be a bug or something and when i muted my mic on OBS the mic picked...
  12. G

    Help with Recording Mic Volume

    Hi All, bit of an odd one. I use OBS Studio to record videos, importing them into Davinci Resolve once recorded. Up until now everything has been fine, but today when I imported today's recording, my Mic's recorded volume is WAY higher than normal. I don't THINK I changed anything, I think I...
  13. K

    Mic Cutting out when Loud or Scream

    Hello fellow viewer. I have came here on this form to address a problem I am having: I do some voice acting in video I do for gaming, but with certain character I do that have high pitched voices, sometimes my mic audio fades out whenever I scream or talk very loud. I've tried looking up...
  14. E

    Streamlabs OBS: Mic Volume drop when live.

    So I've discovered that since yesterday when I go live, the volume of my mic drops to insanely low, despite having it set to max volume in streamlabs OBS. This is shown in this clip, I know it's long just skip around. However, when testing some fixes I made yesterday, or attempted fixes I...
  15. M

    Obs wont record mic. Please Help!

    I've been trying to figure out for the past day why obs wont record my mic when I try to record videos.. obs clearly is picking up my mics audio. When I record a 30sec clip, it records my mic and I can hear it after I remux the mkv file, but when I record long videos like 10 to 15 minutes, it...
  16. C

    Marvel SNAP (fullscreen, on PC) will not record headset/mic audio (all other applications/screens will)

    I'm in OBS studio using the Game Capture option, and using the "Capture Specific Window" option, that references the executable. This works on every other screen and game I've tried, catching both my audio and the application's audio. In Marvel SNAP, I can get the game audio no problem, and OBS...
  17. B

    Can't hear mic audio in recordings

    I've got my HyperX Quadcast S in the audio mixer, separated from my desktop and spotify audio. I've got the mic set to the 2nd track, and have ticked the box under the recording settings. The audio seems to be coming through fine, with the green bar thing moving when I speak. When I playback...
  18. C

    Mic is picking up sound, but not relaying anything to the stream??

    Hi, so my brother is having an issue with his stream, on obs the mic is getting picked up when he speaks its not muted or on low volume but when he streams the sound wont come through to the viewer, I was wondering if anyone knows if this is an obs issue or if its a computer issue?
  19. G

    Obs mic sound lowering in mid sentence multiple times.

    My mic levels don't stay consistant, so when I'm streaming some words while talking are harder to hear than others. I followed some mic guides online but none of them are fixing my issue. This is also my first time posting on here so I'm not sure what all I need to add. I was ghoing to...
  20. B

    No audio after unmuting headset mic

    Hi all - Could use some audio help with my new headset. I purchased a Logitech G535 wired headset and set it up with OBS. It has a built in mute button if I ever need to go on mute. But when I go to unmute it, OBS doesn't pick up any levels. I'm not sure if it tries to switch to another audio...