mic issues

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    Question / Help My mic is not working on stream

    So I Stream regularly every day and one day my mic cannot be heard on stream and my discord friends can hear me and the audio levels are going up and down in stream labs obs and the mic is not muted. This is probably a simple fix but I cannot find it on the internet. Can someone help?
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    Question / Help Help streaming 3DS Audio

    So utilizing 3DS NTR Custom Firmware, I am able to stream 3DS Video to my PC and capture that with OBS. And using a double-sided audio jack, I am able to get in-game audio. Problem is, if I plug it in I don't get my built-in mic. I would only get the 3DS Audio. I was told elsewhere that I could...
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    Question / Help mic not picking up

    ive gone through every setting i can, ive looked through every forum post about mic's not working, and yet nothing has helped! i have my mic selected to be picked up by obs but it doesnt have a single bit of mic audio, when i stream it sends out a whisper of audio every now and again but thats...
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    Question / Help OBS 21.1.2 (Detects Mic, no audio from recording/stream)

    Pretty much just as the title states, I have recorded many things only to find out my microphone wasn't even working. Any info that can help I am more than willing to give. I'm using voice meter to make the mic louder. Thank you for any help Edit: I messed with a few settings and it changed...
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    Question / Help mic and desktop audio problem

    So I have a headset I connect to my pc and it has a mic but when I go to record obs will only capture my mic audio or the desktop audio what should I do to fix so it captures both?? Also when I go into obs and make sure my mic audio is set to the headset the desktop audio is cut off but then...
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    Question / Help Obs mic problems

    Hi so my obs will not detect audio but recognizes its there. any ideas? here is my recent log.
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    Question / Help Discord Problems

    Trying to record with friends for an upcoming project and I have everything setup for my mic(Blue Snowball iCE) and Discord. When I have my mic and Desktop audio(included with Discord). When I hit record OBS only picks up Discord, it says it picks up my mic but in the recording only Discord...
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    Question / Help Condenser mic clashing with obs?

    https://hastebin.com/notatosibo I am posting the most recent logfile but i also started streaming - all things in audio mixer looked good - and twitch chat told me they couldnt hear mic Long story short- the only way i can get ppl to hear my mic while streaming- is advanced audio properties>...
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    Bug Report Microphone not recording

    I'm having problems with my microphone, doesn't record, or muted for some reason? It does show the audio waves on the mixer, but nothing! Does anybody mind sharing a piece of their wisdom?
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    Question / Help Mic not recognized

    Hello! I am a newbie when it comes to OBS, I used Camtasia before for recording my screen and when I used that it recognized my built in mic just fine, I could record it and record the commentary just fine, when I try recording in OBS no matter what I do my mic is just not recognized and it...
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    Question / Help OBS Says that it's picking up my mic, but when I listen it's not.

    So I'm having the problem of OBS IS INDEED picking up my mic. However, when i listen to the stream or even record it's not pick up. Any advice???