Question / Help Condenser mic clashing with obs?


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I am posting the most recent logfile but i also started streaming - all things in audio mixer looked good - and twitch chat told me they couldnt hear mic

Long story short- the only way i can get ppl to hear my mic while streaming- is advanced audio properties> monitor> or the other monitor option- then I go into volume mixer (windows) and turn the 'OBS broadcasting...' all the way down.
Please tell me this log file is helpful <3
I'm not sure what's causing this but all was fine prior to the most recent windows updates I believe. I'm thinking my USB resources may be a significant issue atm using mbox 2 mini 48v phantom power to mic, logitech c920 gaming headset keyboard mouse...

I'm 2 minutes away from uninstalling obs and just starting fresh cuz im tilted. Just trying to play csgo, listen to music, and monitor chat