Question / Help Double mic input? Xbox -> Elgato -> OBS -> Twitch


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Not sure what is happening. Normally, when I stream a console game through Elgato and OBS (specifically, streamlabs OBS) It's completely fine. My brother came to visit and we decided to capture his perspective for once, so now my Elgato is connected to his Xbox and desktop, meaning the settings have all basically been restored to defaults, and I can't find what is different between our settings that is causing the problem.

The main mic, my brother's voice, is playing twice on stream. There's very very little delay, so it basically sounds like the capture is picking up two mics. No other audio on the stream is played twice, including my voice on Discord and the game audio.
However, there is no double voice on my end through Discord... the double voice ONLY appears in the stream, meaning his voice isn't being picked up twice but it IS being captured twice. In the tests we did trying to find the source of the problem, trying out different settings and such, the game audio was muted a few times with no effect on the voice.

"Listen to this device" is not ticked in the Windows audio settings.