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I am a newbie when it comes to OBS, I used Camtasia before for recording my screen and when I used that it recognized my built in mic just fine, I could record it and record the commentary just fine, when I try recording in OBS no matter what I do my mic is just not recognized and it won't let me record my voice because nothing happens. I can't afford to buy a separate mic at the moment so this is all that I have and it really annoys me that OBS won't recognize it because I really don't feel like having another separate prgoram just to recrod the audio. I've included what my audio settings look like at the moment, do I need to change anything else around?


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I may have found the fix, apparently my mic got disabled when Windows last updated itself so none of my apps would recognize it, I enabled it again and I hope that it fixes the problems.

Edit two*
I get the bar for the mic moving up and down when I speak as it should but when I play back the video in any program like vlc media I can't hear my voice.